12 Free Payment Templates (2024)

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By Andy Marker | July 17, 2017

Payment templates offer asimple solutionfor managing both business and personal finances. If you have a retail business or need to provide someone with proof of payment, receipt templates provide documentation of financial transactions, which protects both sellers and customers.

For creating a payment plan, templates can be used to schedule installment payments, keep track of due dates, and manage payments over time. Choose from a selection of free payment templates below, in Excel, Word, and PDF formats. Each template is fully customizable and designed to look professional while saving you time. You can download and print the templates, or share them via email or cloud-based storage.

Payment Receipt Templates

Sales Receipt Template - Excel

12 Free Payment Templates (1)

‌ Download Sales Receipt Template - Excel

This template provides a detailed sales receipt that lists descriptions of each item sold, item numbers for inventory tracking, prices, and amounts paid, including tax. You can also include shipping and handling fees if relevant. At the top of the receipt are sections for the salesperson’s name, payment method, customer and receipt numbers, and contact information.

Rent Receipt Template - Excel

12 Free Payment Templates (2)

‌ Download Rent Receipt Template - Excel

Property owners can use this template to provide renters with documentation that rent was paid on a given date. Rent receipts may be helpful for both landlords and tenants if a conflict around rent arises and proof of payment is needed. This template includes more than one receipt on a sheet, making it easy to create duplicates or fill out multiple receipts quickly.

Cash Receipt Template - Excel

12 Free Payment Templates (3)

‌ Download Cash Receipt Template - Excel

If a customer pays with a check or credit card, there is automatically a record of payment. For cash transactions, however, giving customers a proof of purchase is especially important. This cash receipt template covers a lot of detail in a small amount of space. You can record balance information for installment payments, and there is room for notes if you need to include additional information.

Petty Cash Receipt Template - Word

12 Free Payment Templates (4)

‌ Download Petty Cash Receipt Template - Word

Petty cash receipts are important for keeping track of office funds and authorizing withdrawals. This petty cash receipt lists the reason for removing the cash, who authorized the release of funds, and who received the money. It’s a simple way to support employee accountability and track how petty cash is being used.

Delivery Receipt Template - Word

12 Free Payment Templates (5)

‌ Download Delivery Receipt Template - Word

This delivery receipt provides proof that a shipment was received. It includes a description of package contents and number of packages so that customers can quickly check the order before signing off on the receipt. A delivery receipt helps reduce errors by ensuring that packages end up at the intended address with the correct items.

Payment Invoice Templates

Invoice with Partial Payment - Excel

12 Free Payment Templates (6)

‌ Download Invoice with Partial Payment Template - Excel

If you need to provide an invoice for goods or services that shows partial payments, this template calculates the remaining balance due after the previous payment was received. This is helpful for customers who have an ongoing account or are making payments in installments. The rest of the template is a typical invoice, with room for shipping info, payment terms, item descriptions, and pricing.

Billing Statement Template - Excel

Download Billing Statement Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Similar to the invoice template above, this statement template can be used by businesses that are billing clients for ongoing payments. Record payment dates and amounts, balance due, and information on how customers should send their remittance.

Construction Progress Payment Template - Excel

12 Free Payment Templates (8)

Download Construction Progress Payment Template

Excel | Smartsheet

For long-term projects, contractors are often paid on a schedule, with payments determined by what work was completed during a given period. With this payment template, contractors can provide a breakdown of work completed to calculate the current amount due. The template also provides space for project information and approval signatures.

Payment Schedule Templates

Bill Payment Schedule Template

12 Free Payment Templates (9)

Download Bill Payment Schedule Template

Excel |PDF

Plan your fixed monthly expenses with this bill payment template. As you mark off bills paid for each month, you end up with an annual overview of which bills were paid and when. This is a simple way to create a payment schedule while also tracking how your money is being spent. Easily edit the spreadsheet to include the billing details you want to track.

Printable Bill Pay Checklist Template - PDF

12 Free Payment Templates (10)

Use Printable Bill Pay Checklist Template

PDF | Smartsheet

This PDF bill pay template provides a quick reminder of when bills are due and what has been paid. Print and use the template as a paper calendar, or keep it on your computer as a digital reference. Bill paying is a little more pleasant with an organized and easy-to-use checklist template.

Mortgage Loan Payment Schedule Template - Excel

12 Free Payment Templates (11)

‌ Download Mortgage Loan Payment Schedule Template - Excel

If you’re paying down a mortgage loan, use this amortization schedule to plan and track loan payments, interest and principal paid, and remaining balance. Loan details are listed at the top, including lender information, interest rate, the length of the loan, and more. This is a detailed schedule for staying on top of mortgage bills. Payment templates like this also help to pay down loans faster, since you can view changes to the total cost when you increase monthly payments.

Auto Loan Schedule Template - Excel

12 Free Payment Templates (12)

‌ Download Auto Loan Schedule Template - Excel

One advantage of using bill paying templates is that you get a lot of information on a single form to help with planning and organization. This template includes a column for extra payments, so you can easily see how much you will save by paying additional amounts. Enter all of your auto loan details into the schedule, and the template will automatically perform the calculations for you.

A Real-Time Bill Payment Schedule in Smartsheet

12 Free Payment Templates (13)

Create a Payment Schedule in Smartsheet

See how easy it is to track and manage your bill payment schedule with a template in Smartsheet.

Finding the right bill payment schedule template is important to help you streamline payments and ensure that no detail is missed. One necessary feature you should look for is the ability to access your payment information at any time, from anywhere. With a template in Smartsheet, you can do just that.

Use a bill payment schedule template in Smartsheet to get started tracking due dates, payment history, and updated balances. Share your payment schedule with your team, and start collaborating on payment details from anywhere, on any device. Attach comments and key documents to relevant payments, and set up alerts to notify you as due dates approach.

Why Payment Receipts Still Matter

Many businesses offer the option of receiving a digital (versus paper) receipt, which is great for convenience and customer satisfaction. But there are benefits to printed receipts as well. Having hardcopies of receipts can be important when filing taxes or being audited. When customers get a paper receipt at the time of a transaction, they can check to make sure the amounts are accurate. You’ll have to remember to check a digital receipt later, which requires sorting through email messages to find and save the receipt. Paper receipts can also be helpful when returning an item, especially if the item was a gift and requires a gift receipt.

Whether digital or paper, receipts help sellers keep track of transactions, providing a detailed record of items sold. They can also help reduce employee fraud and theft, and can be used to settle disputes between sellers and customers.

When choosing a receipt design, consider customization options so it’s unique to your business and harder for someone to replicate with a fraudulent receipt. Also, make sure it includes key information such as who is issuing the receipt, the date of the transaction, items sold, amount paid and by whom, and the customer’s signature. You can also include a receipt number for easy tracking.

Using Payment Schedules

A payment schedule is used for planning (it shows when payments are due so that you can budget around them) and for tracking what payments have been made. This is helpful for paying bills on time, with less stress, and for avoiding late fees or added interest. It also helps with organizing your bills, assists you in getting out of debt faster, and ultimately saves you money. A payment schedule is useful whether you’re paying installments on a big loan, such as for a car or home, or planning for your monthly bills.

Bill payment templates make it easy to create a schedule or calendar showing due dates, amounts owed, and completed payments. In addition to due dates, you can include which day of the month you plan to make a payment, the method of payment used, and any remaining amounts still owed.

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12 Free Payment Templates (2024)
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