2023 PRI Show kicks off in Indianapolis (2024)

INDIANAPOLIS. IN – The 2023 PRI Show is officially underway, kicking off Thursday morning with a welcome from Indianapolis 500 champion Tony Kanaan at the Grand Opening Breakfast, the Show’s traditional opening event. The world’s premier motorsports companies, brands, race sanctioning bodies and manufacturers are showcasing their newest products and technology at the motorsports industry gathering in Indianapolis.

“The PRI Show is where the motorsports industry comes together to build the relationships that create the foundation for success in the coming year,” said Jim Liaw, PRI General Manager. “Those relationships, combined with the first look at innovative new products and the opportunity to gain professional expertise, will position our members to gain an advantage on the track and in the marketplace.”

The PRI Show is the largest trade show held in Indianapolis. Now in its 35th year, the Show is forecasted to bring more than $64 million in economic impact to the local community. The Show is a focal point on the special events calendar for the City of Indianapolis, which will also welcome the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament opening rounds, the NBA All-Star Game, the U.S. Olympic Team Swim Trials and the annual Indianapolis 500, among other high-profile events.

“We are revved up to welcome PRI back to Indy,” said Leonard Hoops, President & CEO of Visit Indy. “There’s no better place to convene the world’s largest gathering of motorsports industry professionals than our ascending city. This week, thousands of attendees will be racing into Indy from across the U.S. and globally, generating more than $64 million in economic impact and fueling our hospitality industry. We have great appreciation for our long-standing partnership with PRI.”

The PRI Show is a racer’s dream – 1,000 exhibitors, 3,600 booths filled with innovative state-of-the-art equipment and products, thoughtfully curated Education sessions and program topics, special guest appearances, and ground-breaking feature vehicles, not to mention actual racing.

“Our show programming is a dynamic combination of the latest industry trends, annual traditions and several satellite events designed to create networking opportunities and deliver tremendous value to the time attendees spend in Indianapolis,” said Karin Davidson, PRI Trade Show Director. “This year’s Show has it all for motorsports professionals looking for the products and expertise to take their efforts to the next level.”


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The Show encompasses the passion of racing and nowhere is that more evident than on the track – both real and virtual. In the virtual world, PRI is showcasing sim racing/Esports at the PRI Esports Arena presented by SRO America, featuring daily invitational Esports races streamed live to SRO and PRI livestream platforms. In the real world, the PRI Ekarting Classic presented by Top Kart USA inside Lucas Oil Stadium features all-star racing with pros from various racing disciplines, “fastest lap” contests for media, and racing for regional youth organizations using high-performance electric karts.

The innovation of motorsports takes center stage at the Featured Products Showcase, where Show attendees can discover hundreds of the newest and most popular racing and motorsports products. The EV & ALT Racing area incorporates cutting-edge technology related to alternative forms of racing propulsion and renewable fuels.

Additional can’t miss highlights include the PRI Paddock & Podcast Studio featuring 18 industry podcasters filming and broadcasting daily throughout the Show; Education sessions planned to cover a wide range of topics, including women in motorsports, alternative fuels, digital and social media, engine performance and more; and the T.O.P.S. (Track Operators, Promoters and Sanctions) HQ featuring seminars and learning opportunities to improve operations.

For many PRI attendees, coming to the Show is about the opportunity to make and maintain personal connections and the impact they have on business. “Attending PRI was definitely a major part of our marketing plan when we founded our company,” said Keith Kern of 3030 Autosport, manufacturers of forged racing and performance wheels, based in Terre Haute, Ind. “Being on the PRI Show floor gives us credibility with customers.” That networking opportunity helps Kern and co-founder Philip Watson lay the foundation for long-lasting partnerships. “For us, the big picture is establishing personal relationships,” said Kern. “PRI is an opportunity to say thank you for trusting us with your business. That’s something you just can’t do remotely.”

For FASS Diesel Fuel Systems, makers of products designed to improve mileage and performance of fuel systems across the diesel market, including racing, PRI provides a unique opportunity for a deep dive into the high-performance market. “Our products are not only popular among racers, but also with those operating the diesel trucks transporting the equipment,” said Jake Hopkins, FASS Director of Marketing. PRI offers FASS the opportunity to reach many different segments of its business in one place. “PRI allows for a very focused period of engagement with our dealers, provides opportunities for new product introductions and allows us to engage not only existing customers but also emerging markets.”

The 2023 PRI Show showcases the latest products, services, machinery, simulation and testing technologies, and trailers for the racing industry in a single location. PRI encompasses all forms of motorsports and attracts attendees from all 50 states and all over the world, including professional race teams, retail shops, warehouse distributors, engine builders, fabricators, dealers, installers, jobbers and media. To learn more about the PRI Show, visit www.PRIShow.com or download the official PRI Show app.

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Performance Racing Industry fuels the passion for motorsports by building, promoting and protecting the worldwide racing community. PRI supports the interests of racers, enthusiasts, builders, tracks, sanctioning bodies and businesses through legislative action and advocacy, its monthly business magazine Performance Racing Industry, and the world’s premier auto racing trade show, the PRI Trade Show. PRI also supports businesses by providing market research, education and best practices in motorsports business and racing technology. For more information, visit PerformanceRacing.com

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2023 PRI Show kicks off in Indianapolis (2024)
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