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10-31-1974 Arbiter, October 31 Associated Students of Boise State University

Although this file was scanned from the highest-quality microfilm held by Boise State University, it reveals the limitations of the source microfilm. It is possible to perform a text search of much of this material; however, there are sections where the source microfilm was too faint or unreadable to allow for text scanning. For assistance with this collection of student newspapers, please contact Special Collections and Archives at [emailprotected]. , .

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~1 '?t} lll~'l'lf!~ I])~'l~[!'~ " t~I faced with it again, Punty? That ~Id political razz·a·ma·tazz? Don't I ---. ---~---- know-wbo to~c for, is that'what's got yotrdown?-Is-it-th"eMYrpl!y~ml- __ sdbg and dance or the Andrus second chance that's got you on the road ~ to """ ODdrom' Y•• say yo.

=:=:.:=~~~~;:~=.:::E",~S.~::::fingers In cverybody's pie. ' ~is, . tu'dents teacher". s grade"'-~: ; You sa~ you met thcm aU. ~gh~ hc," on this c~pus. You.say you ~.?: " , "1 shoot the,lr hands and wore their pms, not to mention p1astcrmg your ~ By Kay Wood - ".;;? ~ room and outmoded ~ehicle with slogans, stickers and signs. Is that ~ One of the truly unique featuJIl' procedure, this ~~t only places i among their students, then ~~~ , what you say? , That swhat they all say. ~ of BSU just has to be the g~tng tremendous cognitive burden on an, In a free and aoll~i~ Well, what do you know about thatl. . r:i system employed by so,many of it's . "', societysuchuoun,theYsboal4","I,~ " Doe th .. C . Do-D "h b th hai d is it rineina i ,,, / .' already overloaded mentality. but .'i'C' > S e osmic uu- a aVl?you Y c c am. an ISIt rmgtng In t' faculty. There are so many disad- . .' " . . hod free to have them. Since subjcctfttlf ' ith nroml . 'd . I be lUi ;ii . . / . It precludes the tnsptrauon met I' h n1 b o.U.L;' ''- w, your ears WI p.romlSCs,promises an more promises lor a tter e, n,l vantages to objective.grades, which f .. des Wh t Id grad ng IS teo y system , .._;;: •a better state and a better school. .. is that what you're telling me !f ~e ~iven by mo~t.universities that ~~~;~n~g ~:~e e~uchin; t:~he !his custom: be ma~DtaiaCd.tM ;1Punty? Isthat what they said? Well, brother, that's what they all say ~'; It • IS .heart5:nl~g to see. our heart of this god.fearing' commun. IS essent. ,to rctainlti,1~ dwhen the weathers cool and the leaves arc red and the nuts arc falling:\ universIty uJlafrald to stand vIrtual· 't th th kn I , . that our The majOr disadvant.1IC Is, cil,'" w f0all over the poliCl'cal arena, ':,;1 Iy alone, il{ unabashed support of 1 Y f an de °d C\ '" coune, that dangerous pIuUe",'\,;,( (1 " f:: ' / pro essors' .epen U' ;.,~, ".,',: fM Oh, we got trouble., right here in academia··with a capital T and that ':: sUbJ~~ve grades. piralion when fal' ~ student ng~ts. May God JDd Qf.~:}~ #rhymes with C and that stands for candidat Oh tat tw ',J ,,/ d .,' . Barnes forgave me for nisin. ~",',>,; 11th e I I'ttl ' d'd t i,t th . th e·oddl' yfou ~~e onbel' °d' it /'The most obvious disadvantage 01 I:CISlons. 'ssue at a university where thero lI't ffi re, lour I e can I a es. pu em m e ml eo an ""sem y an ::V b" d" h h ' I d ,.' b ...IA."'. litthe 'II romise ythi fro A Z ' , , ' , ); ? Jectlve gra 109 "5 t ~t t e rtam y no nee lor s~c .-....,'[1 t,! y p , you an ~g m to . When they re hot th,e~ ~< mstructor must explam to hiS class Still anuther problem is It It the problem is thIS. If JU';;, r~hot,when. they re not they re not. /': at the bel':inninl': of the semester, \'oritism. Everyune has pets; wille bcgintopromOlefairmatmcnt ;; ~ .I'm tellmg ~ou know, brothers and s~sters. there ain't no one ~oiiJg to L: how he will g~~de them, Since thb people like dogs, some snakes, and Ihe cJaS1lroom, students wm 1OOtt::1 !181veus anythmg for free ••S~ta Claus IS dead·-and we are al!?60 old to :; also necessitates that. inst~etor others canaries. If instru~1ors have be~i~ to expect to use their ClWII;,* ;J)relyon the Good Tooth Fauy. You better look pretty dose at those /~ deciding on a systematic gradmg an affinity fur huminoid pets facdllies with tbe same freedom4le,~ j~God.Given, Glory Praising, Euphoria Spreading candi4ates and make'; slaff enjoy, .nd, God bdjIii (t(sure you pict the right one. ' // ,j us all, they may wish to lIlIle;~ ~; November 5 sticks in the throat of many vote~ as the day when we ;~ I I d I k 'changes in the ,,!.y in wbleb cbcj':~ at tend our candidates to office or to that an: poJitical referendum in the ~i OJ I- are educated. '.,:','1,_ tty. Choose carefully. Punky, the world ISfull of deceit and crookery. ~,~ nsu tson t a e t We must protect the stvdcats,~ I Ahl They ain't all bad. Most of them arc honorable men. with good .i ~romthemselves.t.n costs. CYCIIB}~ teDtiOnSand a happy howdy to great'the weary public in this time of :1 It means that we must.bri~le thelI,',:,':,~ , es. Go get them I Mate ••em k.eep their promIses.• especially., if the '.~'.', fi' freedom!h:!: The end aJwaysJustiBes~ 1'1 • th .L will hi' Ed't th A bite come up wilh an idea tosavo: mono t e means, ,;,; ffJ',"EromlSCs. ey.m....e , e out .. You toow Punty, YOU are the;l lor, err: ey at OSU." \,t ;lA, th t t h t' I £: In response to Dan Lawrence r~e a ~o::U 0 ave dO pay lor it. , 1.) whose letter appeared in last The lricycle jump netted appfOxi· G nor' I';' ttl ,emem. ,you an the rest of your friends could use adequate week's Arbiter... maldy SJOOO in scholarship monies 0 V e.r, "',,,~ r1Cpresentation inthc' legislature.·November S. that's the'day for needy BSU students> In addit. ;~ . W}'unlty••see you there with a smile on your face and a ballot in your In his letter. he sllggests several ion, the businessmen of the Boise ~ \ ,~ ~i1tand. , J.W.E. chang~s he would like to see in cer- area donated materials. lime. ads. an, s we',..r's j; . tain--'policies concerning the and prizcs toward making this printing of the yearbook and the scholarship drive a success. The student directory, money spent for advertisem*nt and Campus religious group S ,expenses falls far short of any real I am sure that if he would have amount making it insignificant to checked into the printing process count in light of the monies made en. prove beneficial, enquired to mak~ a yearbook. he for scholarship and the support An ," ...... , eM would have found out, that it would gained from the Boise community aad IIIIdJtIaaaI f...at1 Editor. the Arbitcr, started attending a religion class I cost a great deal to buy the equip. for the first positive act demonstra· Ilene die IIttIdeat bedy " During my yean at Boise State am automatically a saint or ment necessary, hire the personnel ted by concerned students in a very en Vee. :,~' University I have grown in many something. because I'm a long required to run it, and buy the pap· g ways:physically, mentally and lonl f~~~~; is unfair to criticize the • How wIII' lh ,1111It..1 ways from,anything near that. but er and binding.materials needed to e ' ADIWIn ,I '\ emotionally, but just recently a it has opened' my eyes to new put the yearbook together. All for jump, because it is unfair 10 the ., die pnIIl, •• tIIII&" friend pOinted out to me that I was values and gave me a new direction ONE university yearbook. But let's businessmen, faculty and students ecIacadoa at ..... lacking in spiritual growth. I for iny Iifc to follow if I want ,0 save some money and buy the involved for the work they did. State UalYenb7 putIaIIar.' pondered that question for several change. equipm~nt, etc., because: it makes If you are displeased with certain T1IeIe ~...... - days and realized that my friend no sense to..get a bid from a compo aspects of studenlgovernment, I 0IWIdaI1a Lut,..,jItt was maybe right, so I decided to do There are several student any whose business is making year. would respectfully suggest that you Idaho ~ cat ., ...... something about- it. religious groups on campus where books for hundreds of colleges and walk into one of the offices you atIaia ~ lor ...... Three weeks ago I started students can involve themsel.ves, if high schools; who already has the have criticized (instead of just by 1.4 .... cWIan. 11dI'" attending a religion class at the they are so incliDed. Besides the ' equipment, personnel and mater. LDS Institute called •'Dating. , LDSStudent Association"there is lals and clln offer a reduced price ~~Ik~~p a::t~~~);h::dyo:~e~~~:~ BS~ ~.:!::t':tdtl-.z Courtship and Marriage," that Campus Cnisade for Christ, for quantity printing. we would all benefit, Suggestions IPlGeja- .. I have .. die put. meets for an hour and a half once a Baptist Student Union, Collegians and criticisms don't work until they lIyoa have uylarther ~ week. I guess the reason I toot the; Action, Episcopal Students and the Mr. Lawrence's suggestion on the are implemented, so get off your la· .... feel free to ~ die. class over the others is becausel Catholic Newman Center. Student Directory I agree with and zy insults and get to work. vemor'. oftJce. thought it would give mc a better I am sure they are fine groups have wondere~, myself, Ron Lundquist CarIaoII chance to meet pretty girls. It and I urge students that feel that A ' ., , to ibe Go..... didn't do much improve my th be I ti ··,·t I s to your comment.... Let s see to ey may Be ng m spin .ua , if ~me of the people who came up dating situation,but it givc me a ~owlh to chect out the ,org~IZll' with the brilliant idea sometime The "',bit .... rubli.hed .. eekly different persepective on the way I ...d Sal.. , , . Af>J,.' ••••• Kalhy Roper tlon that r~r~sents their vanous 'back to have a tricycle jump acro~s . }'!f'he ..... o(i.ted Studen" of Iloi.e looted at my IIfc. I don't want el"y Readere-:;,., .. Owyn nlrml church afftihatlOn. a ditch "that a frog could J'ump, ~tatc UniveUlly, The "ffic':" "f Ihe .anybody to thint that just because I Jon Adamsop "'"i" ,,..,.,:,.,...Grady Myerl. "',bite, a'e I"uled ~n thc ,c(ond "holollrlpht,. ... , .•. , ' .Don Hly, nOD' of Ihe Student Union Build. "" .... " •.. ",. ,Duslllleouly ing, Iloi.e State Unlversily, 19'10 , ;-c•.• , .• , , , ••.•. RUII W.e,ellll College Iloulevard, Iloi'e, Idaho · . , _ .• , • , ',' , .0 • , •• Dill Coullhran 83725. ' l • ' ••• 0 •• ,' •••• , , , • , • , Ray Slewlll .. IIrtic!es and lellen 10 ,he .dho, Layout IIullllnll , , , .Trish Coon", mUll b. , p'io' 10 3:30 p.m...... , '. , , , . , , , .Johll Keeboll.h F,iday befo,. publicarion. lin Irti. .., .• , .• ",. ,.Mlke IUddllmo .. r dc, and IeII." 10the edilor mUll ' Repolllll . , ... ,Jo Elllon·Bla... lee,' b. type.. ,ill.n and bur a 'elible o •• , •• , • , , •• , , , •• , • , BobKI~"~(: ,jllnalu,~. • ' " . Tim Rhler,,~ :::::::::::::::: :~~r·lnSobllfOll:;. 'Edilor, , , ., .... , , .John W. Ellioll · • , , . , . , , ". ,';,. " ,Vlc.IY~·i IIUI, Edllo' .. , .. ,. Duc. DeMolle ", " K 'h AIl.d')! · ...•. II .".•.•0'.' ','. ""'",j~,~ SCOIl il.~,.. Bu,. Manalle, . , Hlrmon · , , ,'. , , , .', , , , ,C~rl.O·~!!~r:,· Lly·oul Bditor , Barb Bridwell Columnl.t.;., , , , , , • ',', ,nU~,",,~.'. "cil"'·~,~ ,New, Bdhor , . , . ,Pia Nlnce Careoonl., •. ' • ; ,; ,.',Rlindy W,.;lt~~~~, Fellure Edllor •.. ',' •Mi1r. SllIlIon ~:,;,~.,,;(.,.,I,:J)'''~~~~~~F- ~POfll Bdllot ",., M.llllda Scharf .,Sr.ff A"'i·,.):;".~,:c:rt~'~." ' Y'; \. .:';.\ "

.' - ,J, ," ..... -:I~, .....~..._M~' ..~..•._'_"....,~._....,,~...... ,...... _...,".., ,.' . 1 ~ ,Ill , ,••_~;I

3 -- ---_.---._----~------~~-

Huck's realm' Ideology for the

astonishing low price . '. One of the more noted local ' benevolency. oi coarse.. by this already endeared this Monetary Pit monetary recepta?f~s, Your Cam. time the student body. will only' in the hearts of many students. pus Rootstore (but really ours), has consist of three individuals formally r..eleased details of a new (reincarnated Instructors), the rest poliCY intended to iCldliiSter to the of whiclr have been systematiCa1Jy , :" Ab, they shOuldn't have done it. " already glowing YCR Pandora's reduced through the various efforts excitedly exclaimed one appre- Box. Implementing more progreso of local administrators. The point ciative undergraduate after being .sivism each ten years,' the . being. however. is to assist' informed. "Gosh. my first year at . neighborhood' manager. Sir • students to the greatest degree B~ State UniversitY. and already ~ge McMatemore. announced regardless of the method. one way 1find out books will be cheaper in that beginning January 1. 1984, or the other. 'my Senior year. I'm . just book prices will lower somewhat These prestigious low prices were overwhelmed with ingratitude." instead of the annual logical .. · reached through the laborious· . necessary, ~perative and tradi. efforts of the YCR system of tional increase. He proudly Musical Managers. Under, the This sentiment was common' emphasized that this pducy was continually changing leadership around the greens as newS of being added in order to prove to pattern, new ideas somehow McMakemore's announcement cir- / each and every student the extent managed to infiltrate and a desire culated, but many questions still of which this booth of Academic to satisfy customers in a round remain unanswered: Will yOur CIet a's Co " Capitalism depreciates them. about way emerged. Those of you Campus Rookstore (But ReaI1y , . r ne [ For example, an Ideology interested in Musical Managers are Ours) maintain an infinite supply of textbook costing 58.94 this urged to participate in the next BIC pens for SS (Sticker Seer) Sack semester (a markup of 58.93 'from' contest whenever you are there. Quickpen?; Will Mr. Spock.find last Spring) will seU for the Just fill out the transparent love in the History Section or ye S attrac t astonishUngly low sum of 589.40 in application by writing in the proper energize out of sheer frustration?; E". ". ,' •• t' ;.. •. 1983. Under McMakemore's slot who you think the nen leader. and can the City really locate ;.Wbc yuu loot .t a ;persoD, you Ap~tJ)'.he and hl.s roommlte" revelatJon, this price will in turn be "ViII be, place it~_~_e_I!~,Paper parting. meters the front probably ftnt see: hair. 2 eyes, a Ect.hit ft off fine except when Rick lowered to 589.39 in Fall, 1984, ~ptacleandsitoutthesuspense~ 'eiifi'lu1ce'bOOkSUJIS?-OnlySaOOge------o---- nose. mouth, ears,' ondown-down. decides to sIt around making loud. which prompts many of us to feel Past Rookstore actions and now knows for sure and he's too busy to down to the shoes. This Is a woman uncouth, crunching noises, on ap.' 'out eyes water in aratitude for lWch--- the-unveiling Qf-a-new policy, bas _,counting _money. -~--~,-,-_.--,- '"

~ ~~~::~ ~:~~e'ac:,~~i.~~~ I ~:~ir~::.eIts:::r.1:::: l~¥~~~'K';~':~~\;'l;~~~- that I YOUR story what you see J boil all our troubles'down to a sing. first. ,t- Ie apple. RICHARD (RICK) MAlTOON ar· rested my attention because he had For a reticent, rather blushing' a pair of Intelligent eyes evenly lit· lad, I was quite aware of the uated above a nose squarely in the presence of friends •• some P-'slng middle where It belongs. The nose by with a little wave, others speak- above a mouth held by a well-cut ing. Our conversation wal inter- chin. This Is the long way around spersed with such "RoinRsoOn." to say that Rick Is a handsome lad. Age 18. freshmln. ml}or: Joum-' His inspiration to malor inj~_ alism. residence ctiaffee Hall. His, Iism dales back to their' high school parents. one brother, and one slst· publication which was rated super- er reside in Mountain Home. ior in the Statei with an excel1ent· While his fathel'· served In the Air staff who worked well together •. He Force, .Rick lived in Germany the expressed that he learned a.great . first two. tender ye.ri of hiS' Ufe; deal from that experience, and Is Alabama the nen seven years, considering newspaper 'work asa ,-.c ;~ .,,;.: •.-~:~,~~~.. • ~ _N Germany 'again, and lastly, seven'career. The ~ DeW. 01 Mc:Makemore'. 1984 policy. ~pted IIOI8OwMt oIa r.riCo die peat RoobCoro. years in Mountain Home.His moth· er teaches first grade in that city. I think that inside that wel1- ~ It Is remarlllble that Rick can so shaped head Is quite a weU·~aped completely Ignore a couple 01 brain. After a certain amoDntof crutches he uses for walking, as a delicate probing and cajolery, 1 "result of pol1oat six months. Sports learned that he Is being considered are of great interest to him; he for the Academic: Standards COmm. A day for heroes plays pingpong and bowls. Music Ittee and is on the Judicial Board at also is on his list of lUtes. Present- Chaffee Hall, which reflects a c:er- b7 Pat Nuce ' '., .' Iy he Is en,roUed in a, beginning pl. taln st.ble and competent qUality WeU; here it Is the ninth week of' Mustard. Jim'McNeil, John Elliott, Birkinbine, Trlsha Coonts, Peggy , ano <:Iassand expressed. th.t with In this Rick person. mlghtbe sit- ,I the semester and I've run out of Bob Hoppie. Dr. Charles Lauter- and Liz Streiff" Dr. John Baldw1D, the necessity to practice, he uses ting,on this chair taltlng to a future things to bitch and moan about. Oh baugh: Eric Bischoff, Dennis James DeMoux, Meg' Rawlings, the plano at Chaffee HaU -- "aUttle senator.;.? Governor.! .. 1 M.y- well..... ' Jones, .Wendy', Bryan. Russ Dr. . Robert . Juola, Amerigo out, of tune but enough to or ... ? .Imostforaure, theeditorol good Most of the time, the ~ple Waegelin, Kenny 'Loggins, Jim Vespuccl, Debbie Burgher. Gary work his flngert around on it". a newsp.perm.ybe b18.'maybe Ut. F.-, whose names and pletureeappear Messina" Barb BridweU, United Bermesolo, Melinda Scharf, Dr. vorlte music: ..soft. f,"Ieaders" •are' the UDsung. beioes Stevens, JOIIinc Martin, Karen Duncan. Jim Dobson. Wry West,

c who really make, tJtls campus wbat \ I:zicar, Debble- ' Palmeri Thet -Roger ~ Rayleen Myers. and It Is and who really make ltwofk.iTheatre:~DepartmeDt. Victoria. thldS,OOOotherlnbablt&ntsoftbls ,TODAYlSYOURDAY,HBROBS. • HOUow,y. Dave Ward, 'Mrs. Tony . universitY f.'O.mmunltY. ;', ,;~~~ YOU~RB:;,,: Kn~P.\J~il·Airlb1ea.I.M.C.. P.S.1f )'cMliname'isJl't bere.don·t ;',"'}";"';'i'",'" ' . ,·<'.·W~ !~~·ElcIDD\>WaUlCle;,feelallgbted~·\:cltldl"Qdevery ".,':;. {:.\ ••...S~.,M~1;~~".[.· ...~,Bu. ~~;!eaU.~t ·'' ._..i:J~~~';;~!:~;;·:.:.g;~~';:~:j;;<·~#,,:r~~~~7·.··.·',' ,,:,., .. , .4, Letters to the Editor

·----·,-·-----We;-the-underslgned;-ate'femll1e-temitytbat-ls"direCtij'reTafeIHolm:--President ortlielJ~lversliyfO-:ie~ , students currently enrolled on a proving professionalism in a busi- quire Theta Omicron Chapter' of _--=-c-,.parHimeb~~is~t BQ!~~Stl!te Upiv· __ness area that. alreadr.includes AI(>haKappa Psi to re-instate us as . , ersitY.:...._W~~e...intere~~~~~- -~_~ - -:------~full~tie(fged--pledgesJcadiii8-to full" corning members of Alpha Kappa From a somewhat diff!:rent point membershipand_lmmc.diilteJL.t.o __ Psi. a national professional busi- of view. we question the comply with Article C. Section f of ness fraternity open to male college "rightness" of an institution of 'the ASBSU Student Organization students interested in accounting. higher learning which receives Policies. If this remedy is not management. or commerce. The both state and federalfunds deny- granted. we request that Article C. Theta Omicron Chapter of Alpha ing membership in professional Section 4 of the ASBSU Student Or· 'Kappa Psi is a fully recognized fraternities to female students. It ganlzation Policies be invoked and campus organization at Boise State is true that .Alpha Kappa Psi. both Theta Omicron Chapter of Alpha University. As is customary of oth- at the national headquarters level Kappa Psi have its school recogni- er national professional fraterni- and atthe chapter level. does not tion revoked and the privileges af-

ties, the process of becoming v a directly' receive federal or state forded be immediately suspended. member requires initially being funds. The organization is essen- Since time is of the essence. we "pledged". We received full- tially self-supporting. However. request that this action be expedit- lIavlng a penonallzed cement I,.url. In Ihl' area, BSU hal a deIhdce fledged pledge status but it was reo we feel that it can be argued that cd. '. -----._---. - a,h'anlage when .t'lddng tegether. voked by an' action of the majority local chapters, and in a cumulative Donna M. Furuyama of the membership.' This action sense. the national organization. Barbara A. Woods was a direct violation of Article C, receive certain financial benefits. Kit Thanks Arbiter Section f of the ASBSU Student Or- First, student chapters of the fra- ganization Policies. ternity are established only within DGNfT 'HESITATE There is seldom any appreciation nesdaY'. usually from 8:00 a.m, to Membership in Alpha Kappa Psi the environment of an educational TO DROP IN given to those many students who sometimes as late-as 2:00 a.m. - .is currently restricted to male stu- .. institution of higher learning ... .,\\'Q.rk extremely hard .presenting .. 3;(lO a.m.uhe following "'V'UUJ•• '--~"_ dents. The exclusion of female stu- Second. most chapters have office Dear Students, the campus news to us. I would To John Elliott and the dents is a part of the national cons- space provided by the college or Legal aid. employment. housing, like to use this column to show my starr. I would like to personally 11)'. appreciation, "Thanks" for your long and fwd titution, the national by-laws and university. In the absence of such birth control, venereal disease. the local chapter by-laws. We feel office space. which is usually pro: abortion. health services. and other It seems that many students don't' !iours and especially for puttiDa that exclusion of female students is vided at no cost to the chapter. fa. student information are only some realize the long hard hours that together a paper which has been 10 discriminatory on the basis of Civil cilities would have to be found "off of the areas Student Services must be given by these students in effective in improving ~e imaae Rights legislation. Affirmative Ac· campus" at some cost to each covers. order to compile the information the student body of BSU and our tion rulings. the current philosophy chapter. Any student is welcome to come placed in the Arbiter. Everyday University, of the Idaho Human Rights Com- Third. most chapters 'have found in and discuss any problems that the Arbiter office is busy. especial- Kit D. Christensen mission, and the ASBSU Judiciary that meeting room facilities on our staff is qualified to handle. lyon Monday. Tuesday and Wed· President ASBSU Committee rulings on the basis of campus can usually be obtained in Director. Nate Kim, is quotes as the following: student union buildings or in class. saying. "Student Services is ~rst. membe~ ~f Alpha ~a~pa room buildings at no cost to each 'exactly what it says. We are not PSt have the pnvtlege of listing chapter. Some of the projects car. limited to the programs we have Students Obje e t Te Fees membership in the fraternity on ried on by the chapters involve the now. we'll expand' on any issue to We would like to comment on the been obligated to pay a fee. Coa' personal resumes used for job use of various types of campus fa. help students." high school marching band festival sidering the price we pay for hunting purposes upon graduation. cilities, As examples. all weekIy So. feel free to stop in any time held at the Bronco Stadium Thurs- activity fee each semester, we do The~e is evidence that some proS-meetings are conducted in the Stu. and rap. day. October 17. not feel that additional charges are pecnve employers who are aware of dent Union Building. office space is Yours truly. Being BSU students, we assumed justified. . the fraternity may show hiring pre- occupied in the Business Building, Nate we could watch the festival free of Hopefully, this can be changed In ference to members. As female and projects use various other stu- Toni charge, but found out we were reo the future. ' students we are denied this equal dent facilities. Leslie quired to pay 75 cent:o; to get Karla Johnson opportunity. Therefore. we do hereby petition Karen through the gatel>. Due to the fact Janie Colwell Second. so~~ of the activities ~f the ASBSU Judiciary Committee. Linda that this festival was held at "our" Karen Rousb the ..Theta OtDlcron chapter make tt--theStudent-Policy-Board.and the Lisa stadium fadlities. we do not feel possible for members to establish The-Towers that BSU students should' have and cultivate contaCts with busi· . ., nessmen in the community which DR. JAMES VAIL certainly could be regarded a" val: Announces his association witli uable in obtaining more favorable FORFALL&.WINTER consideration for better positions DR. WILLIAM BAUSCHER upon graduation. These contacts , and- 500+ NATURALLY WARM 'also come from the national organi· DR. THERON .NELSEN czation~ As female students we are in #hee..radice 0' Regu_." lar & Long. denied these contact·making op- ,~::' .. .\\ ,-- ...... portunities .. OPTOMETRY, /8"- Thi~d. one of the most important at purposes of Alpha Kappa Psi is to J J29 BELLEVUE - BOISE, IDAHO '- .LEATHER AND provide chapter members with an Offk"fourIbr~I""'" ' ...... 336:1\13: SUEDiE COATS opportunity to participate In a var· iety of types of business and/or " professional projects related to the •••••••••••• •••••••••••••• field of accounting. management.' SIZES and' commerce for the' purpose of" - TR IVIACONT EST. 3610·46:. helping th,e student members ac· quire practical experience. There nilS WEEK'S QUESTIONS: is evidence that this"pract,ical ex- ~a=;o wrote the opera perience has proved helpful to stu- CotlFan. dents in obtaining better positions 2) Which U.S. President had one upon graduation. Again. as female nearsig.hted eye and one farsighted· . students we are being denied equal eye? opportunity. 3) Name the last 5 Arbiter editors , Fourth. the Theta Omicron Chap- 4) What happened, of interest, to ter 'of Alpha Kappa Psi plans to the settlement of Roanoke, Virgin. . provide at least one scholarship to a ia? ~/ fraternity member. The chapter al· so gives recognition to one or more This week's prize ,willbe: members of the organization for Two stereo albums courtesy of . outstanding achievement in the , "TEAM ELECTRONICS fonn of certificates. or plaques. r Women students who cannot be- Las .... t wee .. s winner: 'come members of the fraternity are , Haqael Ochoa denied this opportunity. Following answers: Lulse Rainer. Fifth. the professional world of William Henry, Harrison. July 3, accounting. management. and 1890 and KristlKltchen. Dan Ro. commerce has a reasonable propor- berts, Doug Goehner, and Oaudia lion of successfpl and highly paid Swanson. Ms Ochoa won a water. wome'n. There are today very sue- proof jacket ••••••••••••••'courtesy of c:essful women who occupy Z responsible positions .Inawlde • KA, AK SPORTS. riulge of industry and business. '. " 4uw,rs,ItIl". ''''' , I. ARlltrR We faU to underStand the reasons t."

LA YA.WAY"NQW· for CHRIS7:MA.S; " .... 0' 0" 6 Oetober 31,

" . Vote November 5__


CedI ADdrus Frank Churrb


John V. Evans ...._. --1--- . Steve Symms Vem Raven!lClOft UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, DIST. 2

SECRETARY OF STATE George Hanson 'Max Hanson Pete Ceaamua .' -. DaDDy Dankis I I ------I ------''------1 IDAHO STATE SENATOR I IDAHO STATE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES STATJ=-AUDITORAtT---~------.- I1------~-----1 Woodrow Bean 1 Waller Can . MorpaM .... IIarIaD Grosbedl DIST.9 I, David Uttle Herb Fth 1 JoeR. WDllam. .1

Fruk Batton Dwigbt BldJe DIST. 14 STATE TREASURER Vena Bru.ey Dan Emery MIdsMI McAJ1Iatei . '.' 'fb,

MaIjorie .Rath MOOD DIST. 15 Edith MIDer KJelll Pew BundDa RoaaJd R. RaIla Edward Ib

. ;; Lyle Cobbs ATTORNEY GENERAL DI5T. 16 Beth flUwater 8W Oow.r .' Stephen Garber - Don C. McCarler' Edu SIafwb1f' '.',' / .. ' WayaeKldweD "i; • "li TOIl,)' Pm JIm Hm KatbJcen (KlttyJ Gamaey DISI. 17 H. Dean Salllmen H. Fent Kodt . .. SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION E. Kay HamfJloD ." Ezra Moore 0151. 18 James RlKb .. Roy Tnaby DIST.19 Walter Yarbroqb

John Reu.doa Harold B. W.... Joseph Va Waueahove Geae ~


DavId Leroy COUNTY COMMISSIONER aar.ce D. Stdter 3RD DISTRICT " FlIp KIeffDer

~A. COUNTY CORONER . .~Modnrltz "


DIST~2 . -.. _~DIST.3 ...... L ..... / ...FA. EII.llIao...... ~...'-'.&lIP o;'wa-. ·..... F.·Fn.o

, ~, . . ,. .' ,. . ,"' ., .. :: ·of"' ~ .~.-, ".T, •• 1." '~L,' '~".J ., '\" : ~. ', •..~., .._ " .. "'...... ;,.} >'''''''' ..... ~~~ ,· ~~-", ... ''".....J, •• ~ •. '~_ .. .,liJp •.•'J;vr. -'f"'}',' ".',,'''' With State Board of Education pastexpenence'wltJi"progtamsllte apPf()val.Boise State Univt::rsity this" the, positionshQuld be bas"opened its for 'a considered a permanent need for top·lev~1 administrator to "imp- the school. ' Iement and enforce" equal Runner says the school's employment opportunities and permanent Affirmative' Action working conditions on the school committee, a group of administra- staff.' tors and f'acuJty members. are Salary for the position of, currently working up an outline or Affumative Action Director is the new job's responsibilities and pegged at 516 thousand. according authority. to Administrative Assistant Herb "The committee is headed Runner who has had prime toward' recommending that the responsibility for the school's AfflrIllative Action Director report AfflrIllative' Action activities until directly to Dr. Barnes, with DOW. sufficient autonomy to implement BSU requested the new position and enforce the program with The ...... pbere for a leamJna experlt'n~'e is ahown b·:rc, .. .eVera! atudeDta auiD up the Lndenblp clay. at last month's State Board of -reasonable independence," pred- , (Photo DOG Bay) Education session in Pocatello. icted Runner Thursday. President John Barnes got Right DOW, says Runner, the approval to budget 526 thousand to school is making itS annual fall Idaho high school students meet cover the new Director's salary, audit of every staff position, under. secretarial service and office Affirmative. Action law. In that todiscussleadership- expenses. process. department heads are He told the Board. then, that asked to review every job position Student Jeadeii' hom fifteen the Student Union Building. As program. put together by ASBSU Runner, and other administrators , under them, fill out' a complex southwestern IdahO high schools one student from Mountain Home PUBLIC Relations Director. Kip were being "swamped" with the questionnaire that shows the came togetherth1l week~d at BSU remarked. "I came expecting three Moggridge. summed up the feeling task of, keeping their own comparitive salary and _working for an aR-day Student Leadership or four people'to show up, but of the day. . . togetherness and a .responsibilities up to da~e while condition levels for aU jobs. Conference. when we got here we were greeted personal exchange ,between stu- doing the paper-laden . tasks Those.figures are then beld up High schools represented 'were: at the door and told, to go in and dents, instructors, and the required by federal· and 'state for comparison to Dationalaverages Bishop KeUy. Boise, Cambridge, have breakfast on us." university itself. Affirmative Action guidelines. of racial and sexual job opportun- Capital, Emmett, Glenns. Feny, BCsides having a good time ,Barnes, with Fmandal ity differences.' If cliscrepancies Homedale, Kuna, Melba. Merid· discovering things to the Following the dinner, students Vice-President Roger Green. made show up, the school must then Ian. Middleton, Mounta1n Home. SUB, students were exposed to a viewed a slide show which gave theit feelings clear ,that it was the make individual investigation or Parma, RImroct. and Vallivue. well-organized program devised by them a brief look into BSU campus federal and state paperwork such discrimination and develop a Designed to give students an the Communications Department. life coordinated with a musical demand had created the need for a carefu1Iy documented plan to insight on better leaflership Associated Stl}dent Body Ofticen. presentation by Laurie Larson, runtime Director. Both told the rectify the situation wi~ legal qualities and Instruct them In ' Dr. David-TAylor, Vice·President Miss BSU. Also gracing the head State Board that "based on out deadlines. oraanltatJonai capacities, the con·'-of Student Affairs. James DeMoux table as honored guest was MisS terence Incorporated small'group and Harvey Pitman. course Idaho, Rochelle Bacon. workshops which dealt .wIth consultants. and many other BSU . After it was allover, students varying problems and Idea.~. represenatives. gathered in the SUB Ballroom to !.~ - Nearty seveaty Itadetit*, Following the day.long activities, relu, conte~plate the events or , eb.verpcJ., oa the B~U C&lDPU aUdents,were treated _ to anth~ day, and I~en to the sounds of COLLECE . ~,e.rty Saturdal>marnIDI where $ey informal dinner hosted by the Wilson and Fairchild, a Ioca1 rock STUDENTS. were treatecflo an JnroriDaI tour or Associated ~hll'Mlt Body. The group. CETFREE· BSUfaculty attends honors¢council CHECKING-.

Ms. Phoebe Lundy, Associate Direction in Humanities, Courses and Action,lmpUc:ations for Uberal Education and Honors, Studies Professor or HIstory, and Dr. for Honors. Core curricula for or ACCOUNTS WlUlam Mech. Director; BSU General Liberal Education. Liberal the Camefe CommissioD Report Honors Program. wiJl attend the Education, Career Opportunities. At Your Progressive on Higher Education. In aU. there annual conference of the National and Honora Advisem*nt, Honora will be over fifty such workshops CoJlegfate Honora Council In St. Programs, and the Three, Year during the three day confereDc:e. Louis. Dr. Mec:h 11 chairing the Degree; Liberal Educ:ation:Values Nominating e.aunlttee and Is also a member of the National Executive Committee. Ms. Lundy wlll be attending' workshops specifically related to the exper- Imental course' In Humanities entitled "Freedom and Authority" to gain information to assist the designhig' of· courses ,under the" sponsorship of the grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. , Some of the workshops, at this, three day conference Include,' Honors Programs' and ',a Liberal Education In a Shi,ftlng Economy; , Liberal Education/Honors: An Aeronlstlc or Viable In 1974. New

Thbusandsof Topics

$2.75 per page " H Send for,' yourup·to-date\.". 176·page, mall, order catalog of 5500' topics. Enclose $1.00 to cover postage (1·2 day,dellvery time). ' 619 GLENROCK AVE. ','SOiTE "203· , ~"LOSANGEtES,'CA:~0024 .i ' o.fJ!,m..t'rJlIl.;m."QI~,fQr,~,v,~' ',," :;"'arch pllrpolII onlv' .,".

;. j .•.. :. .. "II. I . ( IPiethrowing contest ~nnounced There wm be a pie duowlDa ) DarreD WIIaoa coateat WedDeIda,. November 6 fa Dr. DOD.BUllnal J PolItkaI ScIence the madI bar at 12100 [blah aooa), &oa. ~ lor aD ltudeata, IacaIty and ltaff. i Andrew SdIoedIager 11Je targets wW be yoar favorite ~ PhD080pby teadlers. IItaff members. aad ~ leBow ltudeats. The plel wID be r Dr. John Dames audIoaed off to the hJabest bidder. ._ ... '\ D,.ke Nally 1 II yoar favorite meteDt. ltaff. AllIDInl Dlndor J Dr. Loa Ped member or teaeber II DOt listed, ~ Art pleue eoataet Ed Orbea at the LanyWaJdorf ~ Program OflJce [MCODdDoor SUB). BIUIn_ ~ DoagIa.s HatdduoD AUproeeeds ao 10the United WIY. ~ Dr. Cbarles ~In Dr. Charles Baker ~ BIUIn_ i BfoIoay ~ Jean Boyles i P.E. WILL Jolm ElJIact ~ WILSON FAIRCffilD modendze Old Watfd tecfaaJq_. Carol Harvey Mblter EdItor Sociology I ~ . ~ KIt CIufa~_ Pat DonaaD ASBSV PresJdeat ~Troubadors look to future ~ SodetaJ I: UrbaD StIIdIetI ~ by Pat Nuce One Ward ~ The billing for the evening's energy bas turned Dr. Barry AIm_ THEY ASBSU Vice Presldeat ~ entertainment was "Two Troub- original music. aad the three £coa. ~ adon from the Past." What the original guttars have mllltlpUed to lort Larwa billing didn't say is that the 14 instruments lIIdudlD, duldmer. Dr. Jolm MJtdIeJI i I Mlu BSU performers were giving the Boise balalaikaS-stria, baajo •• lIde pitIr. £coa. i ~ State University students a look and one be.uUM pearl itILUd Dr. Marpm Peel r into the future. Mart~ 6-ltria, guitar. ~d i1th1t BE J The performers! Wilson and wasn t eaouah. a frieDd rl £aaUsh Mr. Brooco Fairchild. And their music? Wilson· Fairchild' •• a flutist aamed . Everything imasinable in the music . Neil lal in 00 a few of the duo', . Dr. Sbaaheller Randy BldJablDe 11Ieatre Arts field; honkey·tonk, trud driving. tunes 10 make lOme yery eJddDI H~ChaJnaaa I fOO(stomping rod and yes. even a wunds. ~ FredN ..... few madrigals thrown in to mellow Boise State UDivenity .. lOp MOUridIe things out a bit. priviled,ed la' haviD, this pair rl, I DIrec:tor·SUB ASBSU hbUdty THERE Wilson·fairchild started in the performers b.a 00 campus __", look·Out over three yean ago with hopefully the Dat time the1 . a-ue CIcero two 6-string guitan and one here. it wUlbe to promote AD aIbaa." i Systems aaIyst 12·string guitar and one heUof a lot of creative. ianovative and jut of nervous energy. Now. the plaln-down'riabt eajorable malic. Bob GIbb Eneaded Da, 717• • • r GeM Bladwelder r...·~.riyi~;·B;;;·t;;gl Dr. Jella AJIea I A-. ,..,. i Company wants Gary IUbeIro AlIA DIreder Dr. Dan Ta,. ~ YOUR I: Dr. YozoT~ Math ~ aluminum cans

Roe Stephealoa AlIt. Athletic DIreetor : .: **. • Dr. Pat Ovada * • ...... * • ELECTIONS : i Elections for Homecoming Queen * • and Mr. Bronco will be as follows: : : Thursday· October 31 * • Friday· November I * • There will be polling stations in : * . the SUB, the Business building. * • the Liberal Arts building. the * * Library. and the Yo-tech, building. : : Your Student Activity Card and two forms of ID will be required to vote. : : W. WON YOIITo Join Our Chlll'Ch i : AI An 0nWHcI1J1IIstIr : And Have The lo"t. Of :* Dodor of DIYIIIty If- WI """""tJl,f(l"'Hir .. Ot. ~ ...... , - __ 0.., • .....,.. ~ • w •...". '---...... -Nt ...... f """' ""...... ,-~_", _-_.....__ .. l_--...... " _.-...... JI..,,_._---...... _, "' ...... _...... r-...-."'_.....-__ ___._

_"=-0.;:..'::"'1..":"__ lol ... _ 0:-":... _ .. _ ,~.. Lin CHUlICH- .. -. 1I01.LftIOOO. 'LOIllIIA _ __ .... ~5pe=daI:.::~=·::Ioaa=- ..... ~ ..... - ...... ~~ p ~'"!I.. """ '~::~OttO.....P,ook .•·..·g·els··••·••Blit~gd·.

Wbatdo you get when you put B. England swings lik~ a of Homeco~ing Week· and have a. 300 fun loving college students to- cold Blitz on us and let us take your ge!~er with aUJhefreebeer they c. The Blitz, Look.Out mind to the weird world of Otto candrink? Then add two hours of Extravaganza PQOk. . nonstop entertainment that in- c1udes a belly dancer. a comic folk ANSWER: .There will be a prize for the. most - band. the greatest juggler ever to C. or maybe AC, or ABC, or maybe extravagant person to appear. come out of Jablif, Wisconsin, a AC. DC. There will also be a prize for any young lady who will go bome with a mime artist. a typical college Yes kids •. your friends at the good-looking, curly baired college student and a one man spectacle- Look-Out with a lot of help from student wbo works for the Give them a leader named Otto generous people at Blitz. have Look-Out. Pook who is also a part time gotten together and created a night The Time Baffoon, Put them all together at that will be so mind buggling, so ..-:Friday Night, November 8. 1974 the American Legion Hall, across bizarre,w utterly funny that we're the street from the Student Union ...convinced that the night of Price of Admission One U.S. doll;;r (Sorry, no stamps, Building and what on earth will you November 8 will go down in the please) ~ have? journal of Boise State Univers~ty, Drink cold Blitz from the West's as the night of the laughing KlDa ~ to be annOUDCedWrdn"-.dav. ~o\'ember 6 In the BSV Choose one: . Oldest Brewery on us-e-just s11back straight jacket. and enjoy the show. Be prepared SUBSaadI Bar at 12:00 noon. More action than you would find at: for the most. extravagant night in A_Sup~itoryQinic Come and see us Friday night the history of BSU.

in the SUB Ballroom


~. BStJ, ...', ,... " . ' ... ~. ·,~.~·E.E KathvMcKannon ~ Evans LDSSA . Biblical Studies

Sandv Brewer IFe & Panhellenlc

DebbIe Towne ~ Kokes \ Towers . OutdOor Activities Club

Gas McElhl~ «:> Alpha Kappa . Denise Ju Jardin Mon1Jon Hall N You

"'1' BSU G Jeri Eden DrIscoll Toni Portman Chaffee

...... '.-IiiIi·. ' ~~~_., .._~,. «.1 Nick Testa Towers I I ~ I D

'Dan Roberts Walt Freestone / Alpha Kappa PSI . Alpha Chi Omega l

John Track John Christ , Tau Alpha ,PI BSU Skydivers recordiallyin'vited to the E -. ~1 • see . , omecoming Coronation ~ F servtce [not pictured) Ron Graff Tuesday, November 5 AlP-ha Eta' Rho [not pictured) 5 \ 8:00pm SUB Ballroom' " ',"

..-..,._ ~- ..,~~'._~ - .~; ~- -.- o~, 31, 1974 " . CALENDAR THURSDAY MONDAY O~,ober JI Noyember • -- -Ei~~lio;;.f~,llorilr ..omiiig--Quc"""II()~IEC

Rocky Men Tho'" A,IS ' 1 WI;DNF.SDAY Fnliul , aan,·IOpm November 6 Footh.1I - 8SU v s . W.h., /lOMECOMING WEEK 'SwdllSU SI.dium)·7 I :JOpm I" Sigm. EI'"loo u, Alph. 'SUNDAY K.l/l'. P,l(IISU Stadium) 61'01 November J Skl'Show (SUII 8.11(0001) Kemay lIDd Jim Me!l!llna loosen lID the people of Boise .In their own" special way: t..oggbui Dlack Stud e n" Union m e er- , .81'01 ing (Clea,wate, Rm.SU8) . " Spm 9pm L & M boys 'rock out' professionally' ByJolm EDIoU P' It was 7:30 when I arrived at the guys are dynamite, the L & M boys know and that's all that is import- chewing it up and throwing it out KEN otrr. gymnasium. Looking around the are going to have to go some to top ant. visually. Either they have planned That fiddle is on fire, and so is the ",- comer I caught--a ,,-wide·angle -this. These guys are slick~ Profession- it that way or som~ne really knows audlenee; . Jumping, screaming,· g1i~pse of a quickly filling auditor- Intermission just went up in 'alism is refreshing. what he is doing. What a ridel wanting it all again. Give them the ium, and sensed the electricity in smoke; however, most of the smoke They have all started on the best OXER?I?l WHAT DO YOU music, give them the energy .•.clap·, the air. The-gym was amazingly was confined to the outoQf·doors end of the down beat and let it go OVER?l?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN CLAP! CLAPI From the dredges of quiet, considering the thouS\nd and close-up cars in the parking,lot. from there. From somewhere OVER!? I? ellhaustion they pulled out another

people now inhabiting its innards. I:'_ d down deep inside of the soul that is Bring 'em back or we'll bum this number and all too soon the sound ' d .... cuse me, par on me, ellcuse 1 . 'h . • . The soft hum, resoun dtng now an h II hid now ymg raw on t e stage ooztng mother down I!I (I think they mean; dissolved and the audience laid again with the voice of some !,"e·~··~h at _a~ea J t e~e.peo~~ ~ its way into the hearts and minds of that). So fine ... here they come.' back and died. OUTRAGEOUS. drugged.out hippy long-haired tng tn _efialse' eez an 0 ac e thousands, they are creating an en· PANDEMONIUM HAS JUST BRO· VERY TASTY. SUPERBl h -rreakgiViJI'g-direetioDS'lo-one-of-his cou:se IS tn~_dw_~eEhYouare p~IPar·_ergY..5Qpowerf\,lUUs_takllJ1tme ~ 1.....MNWMN~~~~~""~~~~~~~~~~MMJN"t8 . . ed ,or one an at t e moment am f R .. 'R II' d iI cohorts Iymg prone upon the mom-, 'd b I h to the realms 0 oc. no. an ent, gave me a sense 'tlf well-being n~~ prep:re 1:0 att: t e cente~ from all apparent appearances it and relaxation. als e •. 0 we, my s, oes seem to has grabbed most of the audience, " .. t . th gh freak them out·· what s the matter, t .# Ques tIons .ep runntng rou, I h ? 00. my mind, questions I could not y...u ve never seen patent eat er. OUTRAGEOUS! l! A complete answer. Who are Loggins and big band sound out of three musi· Happiness Messina? Iknow that I have seen Gad, I've got a cotton mouth. cians in the back. Lay that saxa· . --~---their-records and-l-believe-l-have-GIVEA,BIG BOISECHEERFOR".-phone on me.·.. Flutes?;; ••Maracas. IS a , / . heard some of their music on the well, that's as far as he got before Get it up and dance around it.. Boo- radio, but Ijust at the moment can· the crowd went ape. Such carry· gie i~ back to stay. diamond not place them with any particular ings·on I have 'never seen. Foot From one song to the nellt. They mood or improvisation. I hope that stomping, whistling, shouting and have the best transitions I have peopledon 't charge the stage; man applause. Now which one is Logg. heard at any concert this year. Who ... that's a'real bummer when you ins and which one is Messina? I is running those lights? Tharlight~~ pay good money to hear and SEE a guess it really doesn't matter ··they ing effect is bleeding their music, group and then your vision is block· ed by 800 tiny 'teeny·boopers blow· ing bubbles to attract attention. I hope tbere isn't a lot of marijuana, AlPHA, lAPPA PSI 'cause last time some poor little chicky sitting next to me got her~ self busted. and that is a REAL _."_ hassle: ••either-none" or pounds of the substance so the "men in blue" "BlOI-Dur BARel can't reaJly do anything about it. GIVE A BIG BOISE WELCOME ' AT THE TO BACDORF,ROD.NEY & CO. IIII (Who the hell is BIGDUFF AND · BORCKLY?) Well,· ~l'#Yone else here seems to know who they are;' anrw.ay they are ,emllnly giving ..A perfect diamond them a big BOISE welcome. reflects full brilliance Very interesting. They souit'd MARDI GRAS ·somewhat like SEALS AND and beauty, .. the CROFTS. They certainly seemed II'lft'."OM 1'00"'10000 perfect symbol of your to, be getting the most out of their love. With a Keepsake · instruments. Ihate it when balla- we offer that perfection deers manhandle their music for ef· , fect's sake, because all the mule is " . , , now and forever, . then. "is loud. nm~l~~~.I ntlDIAMONOn_Of~VAUIY ' Technically, I think they are doing , a most It !mirable job •.. 1 do Wish , thattheywourdehllDge key signa. ~~\\\bH~taUJtWtltr.$ tures, but if, you finf;l something 8:00~12:00 that best esbibits your accomplish. ments, it is belt it, un· .?.. ."POUlOUA'STOIis" . tU you can find lIDoth~ !]lode.GodI I Wish They have just·, announced that ' they wiD play OD~ more lOng before , LogIullDdMessbJa.How rude< th ~'Irt" ... 'Wldln'~' ...... '1~:t:....'1!,~I;~~~~~ -., ~""'~?"""A~'---"""'-"'" , . ,/" papa ~=BQQkstGre---features._. inf lationbealer-and --check--e-ashing'·service

October 31, termed by the inform- the first.of .many to help the stu· ed as Halloween, will not be lack- dent beat the inflation crunch. ing for things to do on campus. Mrs. Brock also mentioned that one Starting at '8 PM a series of Classic of the major nuisances, the cheet Horror Movies will be shown which cashing policy, is in the process of wUl break from midnight to 1 AM being alleviated. By the time you and then- continue on until 4 AM. read this artide "Your CampuS. Store" will be cashing cheets. During the midnight to lAM without a minimum purchase up to break, "Your Campus Store" will 55 with proper 10. The current pol: be open offering a 13 percent dis- icy of S10 Qvc;rJ.lprehasewill eontin- count on all nODtext items. The ue to be in affect. Mrs. Brock employees will be in costume to as- stressed that this will be strictly sist the bargain hungry. student temporary until the permanent body and an added enticement wJ!1 eheck cashing facility can be con- . be free candied com. According to structed in the SUB lobby by the . Mrs. Brock, "Your Campus Store" Associated Student Body which is o manager, the discount sale will be in the 'not too distant future.

Not oaIy doee lbIIoweea brtng Iweet tle~t, :1111.I!o" C'i!r;lll' •."als II the BSU Bookltore remln~ you of the tpedal HaIIOweea cUacoaat ~r. (Photo Boa Hay) Allllie wlstn. ,ra/cin There will be a public hearing mission's report to the Governor at II*i***.**.*.**,1 concerning the possibility that Ida- the hearing which will be available fletlf I II *1 ho might be selected as a site (one to anyone desiring one. All ,,;tI81 I Monday *' of three in the nation) for dumping information which will be present- 1* NovemberU, 1974 *' atomic wastes. ed to the Commission by any citi- if't~ an (J1§1· 1*. Will be observed as *1 Dr. Davis was appointed by the: zen wishing to testify. either writ- This Hallowe'en, beginning at 8 Coat Yorp II Veterans Day JIGaverr.or to chair the Blue Ribbon ten or verbal, will be incorporated p.m .. the Popular and Elperiment· (frightenlngbecause It's believable t*November 11 is ~so consideredi, Study Commission on Atomic into a final report to the Governor. ,I Film Committee wiU present a For the true Science F"lCtionfans, t*an academic holiday, therefore *1 Waste. The Commission has been It would, of course, be helpful to Hallowe'en F"tlmOrgy in the Snack.there is ForbIddea PIaDet. This t* the institution will *. studying the matter and is holding' the Commission to have any testi- Bar. The movies, intended to run was a 1950's film that was not well .. be *' public hearings in several regions mony or presentations prepared ~ mosr of the night, are all classy hor- received at the time of its release ,* CLOSED .. of the state. The Boise hearing will written form. Also, all letters ror films spanning the entire hlst· because it was so intellectual. But 1!~!H!!!!!!!!!!!fbe as follows: which have been sent to the Study October 31 Commission will be included in the ory of that genre. There will be this film is very relevant now and p.m. final report to Governor Andrus. films from the IUent era, induding: has been IUrpassed only by 20Gh A S~ SplIce 0dyMey. M~peopl~ consl· SSU recital SUB 8aQraoIIl All interested persons in the 801M Staee uaitenlty Treasure Valley area 11JeCat'" die Caary der it to be jUlt as fine. TheHorror . (the fim real suspense film) films of the atomic aac wUI also be Dr. Davis will have copies of the are invited to attend 11Jeortpal ...... ttl ... Opera represented by ...... I, a frighten- announced preliminary draft of the Study Com- this meeting. (Stan Lon Chaney and contains ingly believable film about GIANT Jazz ensemble, melsterslngers the musicalacore written espeda1' ANTSI (1) F1naIly, Hitchco*ck Presentation of the first senior reo Iy for ChaneY'1 performaDce) makes his appearance with his mo- citaI of the 1974 senior class has Fd ...... dern day thriller nENZl'1 been announced by the Boise State Join In first performance (from the 193O'a· this Is the In add1doD to the fillD1. at 12:00 University Music Department. The Boise State University Jazz the story of a journey to freedom on original with Borii KarIoff) midnight, the Bootstore wUl open The recital will be presented as Ensemble and Meistersingers will, the Underground Railroad, which Vampires will mate their appear· its doors for a 13th hour We. Thir· follows: combine to present an evening of prior to the Civil War led thousands ance in the Orgy with: teen percent off everything escept Mrs. Sue Nichols entertainment as follows: of slaves to the free states and can- ,- DrIlc* ...... ,...... anm tcxtboob. The laadt bar wUlalso and Sunday ada. &ad tile frtabteDbII opea up. Miss Laura Leslie October 27 The Jazz Ensemble's portion of Friday 8:15 p.m. the program will include two con- October 25 Music Auditorium temporary selections ... PuadbIa 8:15p.m. The Meistersingers, directed by and TnJedory featuring trombone Recital Hall Mr. Will Elliott will present two se- soloist Mile Elliott. Oed·Ru.· Music-Drama Building lections arranged by Norman Lub· lag is an original number composed Miss Leslie, a graduate of Ontar· off. Skylark and Blue Ronda a Ia by Boise's Gib Hochstrasser. MIle- io High School, will perform the Turk. A special presentation of Arthur Pan will feature Kirt Kitch· "Rondo" movement from the They Called Rer by Robert en on Fluegel hom. Two selections Coac:erto for ClarIent by Mozart. Dc Cormier will feature multiple from the big band era are G...... a'tld Milhaud's SonaUne. She will vocal.soloists and choir. This work as played by Stan Kenton,and Lou be assisted by Mr. Mark Wilson. is based upon the life of Harriet Ventrella's arrangement of A,...... Mrs. Nichols, a soprano. will sing Tubman. The songs of her time made famous by the great Dute El· two Spanish art songs by Miguel and her people are utilized to tell Iington Band. Sandoval:. .Sln Ta Amor and Seren- ... Gitana. and Delplte aDd StIU. a .SSSSSSSSSS.S'SSS3S3S3S~~~iSliSSiSEiSES!ii$Si~". five-song set by Samuel Barber. She will be assisted by Mrs. Diane Splnuzzi. The'" Lookout .... The closing composition on the AD earth IhapecI eaIle complete with chocolate .contlDe.ta and • anea recital program will be Der Dirt dated oeeu, ..... by the Home Ecoaomka Department,' was the main Auf Oem Fellen by Schubert feat- Extravaganza attnctloa at the,.ny. (PhoCo Daa CeqluuJ urlng both Miss leslie and Mrs. Ni· . . ehols, assisted by Mr. Wilson. .. Happy earthday tOyOll Ja~::s ~;~/sa:t::~~~~[c~~~ The SIgma Guun~ Epsilon, a Dr. Wilson. faculty advisor to the has studied with Mrs. Catherine national honor and K1'Vice oraanl. Sigma Gamma Epsilon, brought Elliott. lItlon made up mostly of earth sci. the event with hIm from· the' Unl. The public is cordially invited to ence students, held a birthday par. verslty of Alaska, the only other attend this and all other senior recl· ty la.t Friday for Mother Earth. 'school In the countrY to celebrate tals without charge. In a dedIcation lpeech fraternIty Earth-Day. **!!!I!!I!!!!I!!I!!I!!I!!I!!I!!I!l representative Pat Cavanaugh ex· . In addition to giving Earth 'Ir ad mission $1.00 plalned to a group of about 7S In parties, the Sigma G~mma EPSllol\j ALPHA KAPPA PSI . the BSU Nez Perce room, the Itory edltsaa bl·weekly newatetter about "BLOW·OUT" DANCE of the earth'l supposed natal day. eyentlln aeolollY, mate. and sella I. November 1· Friday II In 1654 an archbishop, readIng mlneralldentlftc:atlon till to freah· Band· Avella B Nov.S 9:00 through old manule:rIptl, deter· man mlnerology lIudentl, and' I .MardI Ora. Ballroom I mined that the earth ...11 bom in ofre,. acholarshlp. to ell~ble ItU') Admlsalon SI.SO I <4004 BC, A later Bible ICholar, Dr, dents. Last SPrlna, tho lfOuP pre· 8:00· 12:30 . John Ltahtfoot, ftaured that the sented .an a...ard for Outltandlna Beet let'Ved ' VFYl Hall tlmo "'11 0c:t0ber.26, .• BC at 9 ~ ~CDtlit~to Dl', Mink of the ,. AM ' . ., _.,. _ • IIaNI6iIlf'~...,;.".\ 'YIot~."'v".v ,~.".. ••••• "' •• Iiii""'liI·'.·.".· ' • y- L', .....•:.~" ;.1",' :'.' j ;-';~:\!;'J~'~~'~,,\;:i;d?;.~~A.:i.;\i~::~:f:~~:~;,~:',>:,.d:i~~·i\.:Y,~+:~:';:,~:.:.'~:.: OctOber 31 19'74

W J/. AI;'" /.4" 81S~ Nov. 1 and 2 dd ..-.-u-." 1:15 PlA, hiM Hith Sdlool I~.2kz4 Auclilo,iu. /625 V.13~(;7d/~ nellis If JUl ...... _ ~,~a-nd- Uti HoIsiII- I4l1Sic. IK. • Itl 0Ict ,_._ .... " -..- ... -~...... -.._-- _.- , _---_._-----.,_._' a:d~~~~~

"A Light and Sound En.voa. BSU THE PRW ATE EAR AND Music Drama Blda. Rm.HI ment lor Acton". SubaJ ROCKY MOUNTAIN THE PUBLIC EYE One in a seriea orraculty redtal. Theatre. THEATRECONfERENCr The Intelist Theatre 8:1Sp.n. IO:3Oa.m. 1974 THE PRIVATE EAR AND Meeting of all student dele· Schedule of Events 1625 W. Bannock THE PUBLIC EYE Ilaln. RMTC. SUB GENERAL INFORMATION Phone Allied Arts Booth at Bon Schedule The lntelist Theatre 12:3Op.m. Transportation problems- Call Marche 344·5521 est, 204 Phone Atlied Arts Booth at Bon Luncheon lor all RMTC 385-1462 between 11:00 a.m, and 2:00 Marche 344·5521 CIt. 204 members. Rodeway Inn. Conversation and lounge area- p.m. between 11:00 a.m, and 2:00 I\lluru\ Room. Ada Lounge in SUB A MIDSUMMER p.m. Eveninll productions 01: Idaho State Historical Society- NIGHT'S DREAM of TilE BAT GODSPELL Theatre Display in Museum in Borah High School Boise Little Theatre hy lIiKhlllnd High School Julia Davis Park Oust across the Phone 375-7660 CIt. 5 Phone .142·5104 lin \llIKC 801\c Uiah School river) THE TROJAN WOMEN GODSI'E1.L l'hone 3/l'i·1448 by BSU Theatre Department events by Highland Highschool, Thursday October 31 Subal Theatre on campus On \tal(e.lIojse lIigh School IO:OOa.m. Phone 385·1462 1010 Washington HIE "AT Official opening session of the Friday November I Phone .175·1448 Iluiw tittle Iheatre conference. Ballroom. SUB. 8:00a.m. Movie Phone 342·5104 1:15p.m. Hoard of Directors breakfast, 4 Tilt: LOVt:RS (noted for hiS' academy award Creative Dramatic Workshop. Rodeway Inn. Owyhee Room. French-Malle performance in The Paper 9:30a.m. I.II1<'r,,1Arl\ Billiot. Rrn. lOt, SUB Ballroom. Challe). followed by a question A MlIJSllMMER Community workshop at Boise 3:15p.m. d . I 7:.10 (1.01. NIOIIT'S DREAM "Little Theatre. an answer pcnot . 1\ MIOSllMMEH Workshop on touring childrens hv Unruh Community Theatre II:()() a.rn. 4:30p.m. NIGHT'S DREAM theatre to rural elementary Attitude Adjustment Hour. Borah lIigh School Workshop. Creative Dramatics Uoruh Community Theatre .schools. Ballroom. SUB. Hodewny Inn. fireplace foyer. Phone .175· 711fJOext, 5 3:30p.m. with deaf Children. Music Borah High School MIME lecture-demo followed by Drama III. 5:30 p.m. I'honeJ75. 71J6()ext, 5 12:00 noon·I:OO Conference banquet, Rodcway TIlE OI{EAT U1GfI\,V AY discussion. question & answer Inn, Alturall Room. TIlE IJRIVATE EAR AND Time orr for lunch 'period. Music Drama Bldg. 8:00 p.m, by AUllullt Stlndbcfg THE PUBLIC BYE 1:00p.m. , Rm. HI. ' Music Auditorium The Ihtells. Theatre Puppetry workshop. Big 4· Public address on campus by, Unlvcnlty ulldaho Productions available Thursday John Houseman. Delegates not by Theltre·ln·I.Trunk • SUB. NO phnne reservations. First 'evening: admitted without chlrge • I'hunc Allied Arta Booth at nU~BAT . . ' .,. 3:00 p·m~.. ,., ".. '. ~Productlol'lnv.".ble come, Orat leated. MIIl'l:he .)44.S52t- m. Soiie Uttle Tlteit~ Studen.t,Unlo~ .B,aI.I~m... ~~..,. . "'NcTR"ulI1\I'I'.L.l"n .. I"aIl'l':.;;. .'" '. S.,~~d,y,Njlyemb.~r2. , . .bctWCH-I1:QO •• m.,II\4,: .'.'I " ~ .·.i~e.Jtb\t· ,...... ~;" ju.""!.. Jr.,,',;: "''''''i\j'.- .~~l'.r· *.~)lI"l:!""'I.!IOo"""'· ",. , '.'" , ",ni\lIiM'" \;1"" :!" • :•.., "".',''''.'.,'.~"IJ~:'",1.) :/.'~i"":',4 ...... -I",~' ~:I ~-.,~ ~ » -- ,.. "..~- ,- ~- _~~' " , _'Iie.


CUlTAIN nMIs., S , ... ~ Fridar', Oct. 25 haul#> 5undar, Oct. 27 and T.-.", Oct. 29 haul#> 5aIurday, Now. 2

0...... #loWE. IlJoNOWlO and DON MlJMMBlT with JEAMolE MATTHEWS ,AlA. WlGIt.N MARGO IlOWN LOYDTHOMI'SON [lAW> EICHMAtfl lE£ .IAOC5ON ~·THEATIIlEARTS>- RtED. SOiMlDT . 'riAlts MJ ""'1'1 1111 ..... _ -___. ___ ...... Od.21 · ·~.Oci,. Ckt J Euripides' 1'.00'--' ""'" 1·)0 ...... _unutNIAII."~".'A"""'"__ 1...... _c...MW' .. THE TROJAN WOMEN

Theatre conference discussed and explained by host

Arbiter. and the Associated Students of Boise State University for their Por the nm time in the history of the Rbety Mountain Theatre invaluable and whole-hearted coopera,1lon. "We just simply could DOt Conference. the host institution will be Boise State Univenlty. The have done it without this Involvement of the Associated Student Body conference will be held tbls weekend. October 31. November I and and such people as Fred Norman and Lee leBaron. November 2. on and around the BSU campus. The RMTC is the official national aftlilate of the American Theatre Association, the only nationwide a.. odation whose membership I. composed of people from all branches of theatre production. It'. membership I. composed of Realatratlon to the conference il open tol' Interested student, faculty member or townlperson. The reatstr fee of S15 admltl individuals and institution. Involved in such dlvme activities as each' realstrant to any ClVClntICheduled as of the conference, children'. theatre, hlah achool theatre, community theatre, coileae and unlveralt)' theatre, p1aywrltlna and othen. ., Includlna the banquet Friday nl&bt at the Rodeway Inn. Considerina toc many workshop., dlltinaullhed apeaters and dramatic: presentations The Iloct1 Mountain reaton Includes Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Utah available, the SI5, Dr. ErIcson aald, represents a b.... atn. He conduded and Wyomlna. Deleaate. from all five Itate. will be attendina thla the Interview with thla reporter by aayinJ that he wlahed he could invite week'. conIereDc:e. Accorcllna to the COIlference'l ofIk:Ial holt, Dr. BoI~ State studentl to partldpate free of ell.,., but the byla .. ol the Robert B. Brbon, Qalrman of BSU Theatre Am Department, thla American Theatre AsaocIatloD forbid It, even lfthere were room for 1Uc:h year'. conference It upected to be a patlc:ularly outstaadllll one and numben.

Thl. &nnual confereace II an Important part of theatre in the Rocky will probably attract • record nlUllber of deleptea. Dr, Brlc:Ion weIlt on to .., that he espec:ta a mlDlmlUll ol250 oftIdaI de...... Ha uptCtI' Mountain area. It'. aD honor for an lDstltutIon to be dealpated u the holt Instltutloll. Bolte State University was Mlec:ted over a namber of the· _tereoce to be • aucceeatul' oat and ...... ~ appNdatIoa to the Student Unlola pencmneJ. the Propul Board, the otbef unlvenltlet .. klDa this boDor.

.. , .... ,-- 0dIII.- 31, .".' ...Bj·9·_ ' Sky race preve s puz;zling any given Sunday, team' can By TIm RItter any Montanl State was bouncing back beat any other team, Chanp the against Big. Sky cellar-dweller , ~ For what it m'ay be worth, I don't day 'to any,lvenSaturday, the hlaho State. Oh boy, said Weber believe what's been happening ,organization to the Bi, Sky Confer· State after the tremulous weekend lately in the Big Sky Conference enee, and any team can beat any .was.done. You see, they had ,Idaho Football race. Some' mighty other team, as hu beeaao State coming up, and nobody does atraDge geins-on, in case, you apparent thus far thls season. much worrying these days about hadn't noticed. Football teams that ..About the only thin, that can be Idaho State, right? Weber State aren't supposed to win have been taken for granted in the Big Sky appare"t1y;didn't. The Bengals winning, and it's mighty upsetting,. tills year Is death, god, and an upset the Wildcats 10-8 last Satur- at least to those who pretend to' all-out assault by the underdog. a· day, while Montana State and bow where the power in tile gainst the favorites every Saturday. Northern Arizona were ((mally) conference does (or doesn't) lie.' BSU has to be rated the favorite in playing true to form against Idaho The most prime example of what I each or their remaining ,ames, and and Boise State, respectively. At am talking about is this week'sop- we all know the "favorite" tag Is last some form of sanity had ponent of Boise State, the Wildcats too often the "kiss of death." The returned. of Weber, State College. After an Broncos. however, have the gutsy inauspicio~s start this year, Weber people capable of we.therin~ any State suddenly maoe some waves a However you look at it. the action storm, and any team that takes the few weeks back by stunning highly so far in the Big Sky has proven field against them with visions of regarded Montana State 28-10 in that comparing any opponent to' an upset had better be ~ady for the Ogden. Uh-oh, said future WSC any other common opponen,t and fight of their football lives. BSU opponents. Big deal, said drawing any sort or conclusion is does not want. nor can they afford, Northern Arizona, who then pro- rather foolhardy. As a mailer or another lou. Jr you don't believe ceeded to upset the Wildcats 21-20 fact. these days it'S> gelling me about my last point. feel free to in Flagstaff. Meanwhile, (no rolks, downright dangerous, argue that point with Ron Davis or this isn't the script for Days or our There is an old adage in the Ron Franklin, or any other member Lives or any other soap opera), National football Leaaue that on of the Bronco team. BSU llnebacker Barry MDDson nabs II would·be lnteacplfon durlr.ll pre-game warm-up at Flagstaff. U of I tickets so Id out o all campus organlzationi; All reserved seat tickets Ior the their tickets for the game, plus one Student Ski Association offers Ir you are participating in the Boise State- University or Idaho guest ticket up to a muimum or JLLER~ PICK EM UP PROGRA rootball game November 23 are 500 total being sold. beginning special rates The first pick up will be gone, according to Ron Steph- Monday, November 18 at 12;00 November" ensen, BSU assistant athletic noon at the SUB and the Varsity Please contact Like everything else. the price of director. Center, This is the first season that Steve Mengel skiing is continuing to climb. But Stephensen said that due to the Reserved seat tickets for the membership in the Student Ski. JS5·1224 over 150 major ski resorts 1~~OSS large number or season tickets sold Boise State-Weber State game Association has been open to high or the country are now offering by the Broncos and the fact that November 2 and the Boise schooJ., ~nd preparatory school 3-15·2237 special rates to college and high BSU gave 2.200 tickets to Idaho to State-Cal Davis game on November students. ell hint" here he can pick your school students who belong to the sell for the game, there arc not any q are now on sale at the Varsity r -ans and hOllies (N your points. Student Ski Association. Over reserved seats left. Center on the Boise State campus. 100.000 students have joined the The Student Ski Association also He added that Boise State The Cal Davis game will ~'(....~_""_"'_"_N_W""''lII_''''''''_MN_W_'lII_'''''''_''','''..~~ SSA in the past five years. arranges week-long and weekend students will be able to pick up Homecoming for the Broncos, ~'};,r /lfip',\j",JI, 0/1.11/,' , The discounts include half-price ski trips to major ski resorts in the ski lift tickets, lessons and east. 'midwest and rocky mountains if.OIL If 1/1)1.1 ,~II//trr •. , II is .111 i equipment rentals on weekdays at very low costs. Members can t-!.//lI( ill 1111:,'. . ulvn tuo prrJQ11 and SI or more discounts on clioose from charter flights from Johnson, Sigman selected il;z'" j',JJ .1 J'.llIlr 10grou'. weekends and holiday periods. New York or Hartford to SSA's Fullback Ken Johnson and safety Johnson, a 6-1, 202'pound senior i L,)' (jflJi A'" Last season 44.000 joined the ", ," college ski carnival in Aspen, i . nation's only student ski discount Colorado, January 4 to II, 1975. Clint Sigman were selected from Borah High School, rushed for MA Y WE PRESENT ... organization. whose membership Hundreds or students from colleges Offensive and Defensive Players of 77 yards in 12 carries against the Mr. and Mn. dues are only S6 per season. around the country atend each the Week. respectively, at the 'Axers. He also raised his season Rkk DowalDa Members also receive a season's carnival. . weekly meeting of the Bronco lotal to 170 yards, subscription to The Student Sider. Athletic Association Monday in the Sigman. a junior rrom Meridian...... - skiings only underground public- SUB Ballroom. The luncheon was intercepted a Lumberjack pass in ation, and Poor Boward's CoDege For more information or a S6 attended by about 200 people. the cnd zone to set up a Bronco Galcle to SJdlDg. which lists the membership write: The Student Sid orfensive drive and an eventual least expensive lodges close to Association, 223 N. Pleasant St.• The two players were chosen for touchdown. He also was six for six participating ski areas and Amherst. MA 01002 or 2438 N. their performances in BSU's 45-13 in point after attempts. and kicked money.saving methods for skiing. 'Clark St .• Chicago, III.. 60614. Big Sky win over Northern Arizona a 37-yard field goal. the Broncos' last Saturday in Flagstaff. first since 1973. Keglers take EOS Tourney

The BSU Varsity men's and woo Other teams competing were: men's bOWling teams traveled to Washington State Unive~sity LaGrande this past weekend and Oregon State University competed in the Eastern Oregon Wenatchee Valley Comm. College State Invitational Tournament. The Chemeketa Community College men pulled out a close victory over Eastern Oregon State College MOLENAAR'S EOSe in the team event.' ...-., 'TIlE nR[A~1 ,..------_ I The Boise State women's team placed 4th behind first place Ore- COME TRUE STORF." i OUTDOOR I gon State.BSUwomen·s top shoot. HAS BEAUTIFUl. RINGS. I I er. Shawna Perkins, placed 4th In FOR BEAUTIFUL PEOPLEl the individual scoring out of the 30 I CLUB I women bowlers. John Irwin (BSU) GIVE t ,<; 1\ TIl.Y I I had high game for the tournament shop ubut Itrrm drr {/lJII'miml; al"Mplltft pl"tJII111 'JlII/,'"'' I Sunday November 3 with a 245. John was also 6th in in- I I p,l/ron,/,el' t//'PIl,it//nl , , • r Climbing Clinic ' I dividual scoring being iced out for I 9:00a.m, I the step ladder finals by four pins I Rear DoOrof SUB Game Room I by a Chemeketa bowler. I Sunday &. Monday I YOI ar..... o.t to'.Prol.- I -,'Nvvember 9 &. 10 I BSU team members are: I Shoshone Area Lava Caves I Mark Bennett Charlie Picken I Monday November 18 I I Doug Sirucek ,., " .John Irwin I K·2 Rep. BiIJBomberg I Ron Arndt ... , ..• Shawn a Perkins I Ski Maintenance I Susan Morgan •. , •Nancy Mathews I. SUB Big Four I Terri Franklin ••. Chri. Ureichuck DAVID·'lEROY Rtpubllcin for Au County PrOHlUIlno Attorney m I 8:oop,m. I The BSUKeglen leave thl. The office of ProMcutlna AUo,ney il II good II th. I Club Meetings I .for Pullman compete to Proaeout'na Anor...." , .. the lawyer, , .11 man, I Every Tuesday, 5:30p,m; I in the Washln~on State Invitation. t'" I SUB aame Room I al. good ontl DAVI~ LEROY, Co",rnlttM to' alect DavidH. LeroYAclaCOllnt)'Pr_utln, , ~~~------,-_';,I ,.... ~::'I ~ ; ...... , .a.... aA.".oariMiilfI carn.1I .nd Do",ltore ,.... oy

odeber31, 1974 "11' 15 ...... - Bron:cos----cho.p, -Lum~berla-~ks~-; to vie with Wildcats: Saturday . ' Weber State_has been primarily ~--'The Lumb;~~~kdd~~~hut off running team this year. They have BSU's"assing attack in the' first The Boise St,te BroncOs will b.l . galned 200 yard$ a game on the qu'arterof play .: and the Broncos 'rryin~ for thelr fourth Bile Sky u'ln ground while, passi~g for an were forced to go to the ground. against no losses when they take on average of 112.4 per game. Their That ground game paid off. too, as 'the Weber State Wildcats Salurday top rusher is junior tailback Don Boise' State rolled up 207 yards afternoon in Bronco Stadium. Reddic, who has carried the ball rushing behind the fine perfor- Kickoff is slated for 1:30 p.m, 119 times for 570 yards .and sil mances of fullbacks Ken Johnson Weber Stale isthe only Big Sky touchdowns. Taking the helm al (12 carries for 77 yards), Dave ream to have beaten the Broncos quarterback will be junior Ross Nicely(7.30), Ron Emry(l0·27), and three times while BSU has won two Goddard, who has completed 48 of John Smith(5·30). of the contests since 1968. 105 passes for 730 yards and four The Wildcats are 1·3 in scores. The Wildcats' top receiver BSU went ahead early in the conference action and 3·4 for the is senior Gary Childress with 23 second quarter when Oint Sigman year. Their only Big Sky win 50 far receptions for 376 yards and one kicked a 37·yard field goal- the first this year was a 28-10 decision over touchdown. field goal for the Broncos since Oct. the Montana State Bobcat.. Boise In e.rlier action, the Broncos got 6, 1973· but the Axers came right Stale is currently in fltSt place In their silth victory of the year last back and made it 6·3 on a 13 yard the Big Skyaction with a J-O record Saturday as they defeated the touchdown~ass ' from fresh and'is 6-1 on the year. Northern Arizona Lumberjacks quarterback Don Troup to wide "I'm hoping that they will all be 45·13 in Flagstaff. receiver Ken Riley. ready to go against Weber State on "I was happy with the team effort Boise State' finished a 78-yard Saturday,"commentedhead coach in Flagstaff," Knap said. "We drive when AII·American QB Tony Knap. "I'm alwaYI worried were able 10 handle an offense candidate Jim McMillan hit Nicely about the problem of overconfi· whiCh had been pretty effective in on a 2J.yard TO pass with 2:31 left dence, Weber State is a team that in the half to make the score 10-6 '( ball control in the past. Our wouldn't nannally lOse to .Idaho offense kept sustained drives and after a PAT by Sigman was good. State. The Wildcats must have that is proven by the fact thaI we been bitten by the bug of had--l03-plays--from-JCrimmage-ln-,-.-~S.U'Lp.usiJ!g attack wasn't overconfidence and it can happen the game compared to NAU's 6S completely stopped, as the Broncos 10 anyone." plays," he added. tallied 290 yards from the "Every one of these Big Sky It took .while for the Broncos to combined efforts of McMillan and Rittefs fOlecasts: games is a crucial one. Even one get started, 'since they were pia\'lI'J' reserve Lee Huey. Defensively, The others defeat can make us .n el-champ· in very thin air and breathing ';as a middle linebacker Ron Davis led in After a week off to recoup from Penn State 23 Maryland 16 my disastrous Big Sky predictions ion. We certainly don't thaI bit difficult(the altitude in F1agst.ff tackles with 13, followed by right .Louisianna State 27 Mississippi 8 of two weeks ago, it's speed a- 10 happen and we plan on worting is 7,000 feet above sea level as linebacker Loren Schmidt with tUlI Oklahoma 56 low. State 7 head once more. In my initial try. hard 10 main rain our 'I~ndllll!," compared to 2,820 in Boise). But eight and middle linebacker Rocky Houston 30 Georgia 21 the record was 11·3·1, 1·2-1 in Big Wisconsin 28 Michigan State 17 ' Knap added. once they did. they kept it up. Patchin with seven. . Sky Action. This week. some Nebraska 35 Colorado 14 interestin~ games, one or two Tulane 32 Kentucky 17 which make predicting tricky busi- Oklahoma State 17 Kansas IJ ness. Maybe I needfhe KBOI com- - Stern leads Colts past Ducks 44,-7 Notre Dame 35 Navy 7 puter. Anyway, they go like this: Ohio State 49 Dlinois 0 The Boise Slale Coltl opened Stem completed 16 out of 36 the second and third quarters MoataDa 21 Moataaa State' 16 Southern Cal 27 CaJifomia 17 their season In grand style Sund.y passes' for 319 yards and 4 before Gaines and Blanc turned the The Grizzlies are putting an unde· Texas 38 Southern Methodist 14 feated conference record on the StanforsJ 23 Oregon State 6 afternoon. running roughshod over touchdowns, two to Bruce game into a real rout by rushing for line. Montana State has the UCLA34 Washington 12 the Univenity or Oreson J.yvees Pooley and Ray Hooft. Pooley one short touchdown apiece. The potential to tum this one lrOuQd, • Telas A&M 22 Arkansas 17 44.7. The game was sponsored by opened the scoring by snaring a 78 Colts had 5-41 yards total offense and very well COUld,but tbis writer TellS Tech 35 Rice 26 the Biker. Oregon Chamber of yard bomb from Stem, and after while the Oregon JV's accumulated doesn't think so. Michigan 38 Indiana 10 Commerce. and W.I held In Baker. Oregon had gone ahead 7-6, Pooley 309. Washington State 28 Oregon 7 , The Colli broke the game open in and Stem teamed up again for a 14 The game wa~ a penalty.plagued BoIae State 38 Weber State 10 Pittsburg 27 Syracuse 12 the second ,(!Ulrter behind the yard touchdown which put the affair as a totai of -270 yards was Forget head coach Tony Knlp's Arizona State 35 Texas·EJ Paso 13 passl~f sophom*ore Greg Stem Colts .head to stay. Hooft was on marched off aglinst the two continued praise of upcoming Brigham Young 37 Air Force 17 and the running of halfbacks the receiving end of Stem aerials or squads. opponents. He and everyone who Ronnie Galnel and Danm Blanc:. 14 .nd 30 yards for touchdowns In has watched the Broncos know how t-----... -...---..-oot ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• good they really are. If Weber 5 ' :' = State doesn't, they'll find out for i' The BSU ~tramural ~Partment.5 • • IS sponsonng a J·mile Cross· : • : sure Saturda~. Country Run to be'held Saturday,· • • Idaho State 1~ Pordaad State 10 INovember 9. The meet is open to : = Predicting Idaho State to win Is. all Boise State students, faculty, : = rarity Indeed. but .. ain'ft' the and staff. The run'ls for men and : = . Vikings. they should. It may be ther women. Five teams are req~ • • last one this year for the BengalsJ at least one member of each team (victory, that Is), so they'd bet1er\must be a woman. The race wUI •••IRISI' £ by .•:.. mtlte the best of the situation, 'start at 10:00 a.m. in the 8roDco : UbIh Stale 31 Wabo Zl The\Stadlum' parting lot. All entries : ' t day' t' = V,ndals could have won their last \ must be submitted to the 6 .=:. two bal,l games, but they didn't. Intramural office by Friday, _:. II'... S r~l#., Wi"'n and Utah State won't glv," them November 8., thlt eh~ce this time around. ' "j' '-' ,...;_~

, : ~~ .. IIIIIIIIIIIIII!IIW_-IIW- ...... - .... - ~- ..... - ! ! TON TE! '.Oct. 31st 8 10P

C,ROSS at OUNTR AWTOOT iJat.llou.9 bit.. Jitl ~IN'ITE FREE"(.ctur.s, ...flicks, .& Clinics , ' . Prizes .• Refr,•• hmenfs i9pmi ' . '. .Ii; i.~~~.!t.~-~j .... • -:»:

The ravorilt:~ in the Intramural Wed., October 23 Standings Football Leagues stayed true to "e ___~_fomt,durin&_-the past week, with Tuesday League Pucker Hole 10 7 only one more week of regular A.2 8 A-) 6 North-South 5 season play. Pucker-Hole Ten T&L 12_ Rodeo 6 Stompers 5 finished the season as champions SUB ) , of the Tuesday League with a A·16 B·) 0 TKE's-- I perfect 7.fJ record while Third- TKE 24 Tokers 0 Tokers aad- Long defeated the Rodeo Cub OH 10)0 SUB 12 Votech I 12-6 to move into a first-place tie Independents 0 with the Rodeo Cub in the Tuesday, October 29 Thursday League. If both teams Stompers 16 ne 6 Thursday League are tied at the end of the season, North-South 30 Votech 8 Third-and-Long 4 Third-and-Long will get the nod to TabemactJe Toters and Rodeo Cub 4 play Pucker-Hole 10 due to their Independents double forfeit Chaffee A·I J victory over the Rodeo Cub. The T&L 22 B·) 0 (game called) Chaffee A-) J results and standings as of Rodeo Cub 26 A.rO IK's 2 Tuesday, October 29 are as follows: A·2 won by forfeit over IK's Chaffee B·J 0 -~ -.. \. I CHUGGING CONTEST BRONCO HUT Wednesday November 6 6:00p.m. Sponsored by Sig Tau Gamma and WILDCATTENTATIVEOFFENSE _BRONCOTENTA:m'E DEFENS Gamma Phi Beta. IE Pete PCMIIDeIe(230. Jr.] CATEGORIES IE Jim HinctJe(22S. Jr.) Men Boat Teams (5) Ourterbedl Jim Me MJIJaD raDII • keeper dowalleld auwud • BSU l1' RoD FrlIIIUD(240. Sr.1 fInt dowa ..... NAU. BoIae S.... pnvaJled 45.13. . -,-- LT ,Luther Parter(231. Sr.) Women Boat Teams (5) RT SaIa MJu(%35, Jr.1 LG • RNY Gangwer(221. Sr.) Men & Women Singles ,C Les Smith(2JS. Sr.) HE Mark Cleaf215, Sr./ Entry Fee Alpha Eta Rho RG Steve KeDy(2S0. Fr.) LLB Gary GaneI(215. Sr.) Boat Team S2.50 RI Paul PooIe(2J9, Sr.) i\lLB ROIl DnIIf%35, 'Sr., Per Person S.50 SE Gary Childress(l8S. Sr.) RLB Lorn sa.Jdt(215. M.) Rules . All glasses must be com- ta kes Ii rst PKR Rod Boctwoldt(l90. Soph.) L(;B Gary R.. 111wlehI177, Sopb.) pletely empty . No Foam!! No Alpha Eto Rho, BSU's aviation Woodbridge toot third In the same QII Ross Goddard(l75. Jr.) RCB Mae e-,beU(J87. Sr.) drinker can begin until preceeding iety took first place at a recent event. Brent Heamen took first In drinker has completely finished. in McCall by taking 4 out of 5 pre.Oight and Dave took FB Chad Drectsel(l8S. Jr.) FS lolly W"'U75. Sr.) eet Rosecranz SS Pat n.al2l'7. Sr.) Each Boat Team must have vents. Those events were power- third in lhat event, drinkers. n, power-off, bomb drop and pre. The winners wW I10W ao on to the BRONCO ~ATlVE OFFENSE WIlDCAT TENTATIVE DEFENSE Trophies will be given for 1st and ighl. national event to be held in Sante 2nd Boat Teams, Ist and 2n Tating first place in the power-on Fe in April. They will compete In a WR Mite Holton(l52. Soph.) Singles. Third place Boat Tea was Mike Swanson. presidenl of field of over SO: LT Carleton Ching1245. Sr.) U; Dave &e-(12J. Sr., will receive 2 pitchers of beer an Ipha Eto Rho. Robert Spry took Other schools placing were LG G1e~n Sparts(220. Sr.) LT Dau 8"'(111, Soph;) third place Singles will receive J ird place in the power-off event. Treasure Valley Community Col. C Ted ScoIes(220. Sr.) Steve Parrf223, Soph.) pitcher of beer. Dave Rosecranz took first place in lege, second, and the University of RT lAJreazoToWllSelld/2J8. Sop&) GOOD LUCK the bomb drop and Arlen Washinaton. third. RG Jim Ryan(2JO. Sr.) WR John Crabtree(l55.Sr.) RE , Jerry Men(Z10, Fr.] 'I=:I.::~J.::=~.r.i':.~=~=;::.._~..;~_~~.~~~~~~~ ..__ • LB Walt MaYI(207, Soph.) 1 RT Greg Palin(240. Sr.) LB DeaD AUew(210, Jr.' QB ~im McMiJJan(l75. Sr.) CD Wilfred c.IYIa(J72. Jr.) FB Ken Johnson(202. Sr.) JRD ANNUAL FUN BOWL . 19. New Orleanl vs Detroit S_()rfaTnaueD(l7I, Soph.) LHB Dave Nicely(l95. Sr;) S Perey QevIae mll86, Sr., RHB John Smith(I88. Sr.) I. Alabama vs Mississippi Sl~!e 20. New York Giants VI Kansas C. 2. Arizona St. vs Univ. Tex EI Paso 21. Oakland vs Denver ). BYU vs Air Force BSU CLASSIFIED 22. Philadelphia vs Pittsburg ANl'ED1 Female/male, room._ SlooREWARD 4. Wyoming VI Colorado St. to share 2·bedroom house. For information leading to arrest 23. St. Louis vs Dallas ceDar. dining .,ea, living rm. and conviction of persons wl1 5. Nebraska vs Colorado •t yard.' House located on pri. vandalized blue late model sport 24. Washington vs<;ireen Bay ate road leu than 1 miles from car parked on the west side or the 6. Houslon VI Georgia ; up behind train depOt.€ost Gallery, 4705 Emerald, Sat. night, Trivia Question:Knap'l Komer- o per month. includes utilities. 7. Idaho vs Utah State During Green Bay's great years In Ron in Game Room or at October 26, at approximately, mid the mid· 1960's under Vince.Lomb. hollle-l22 .Warm Springs night. Call 345·09JJ evenings 0 8. Oklahoma State vs Kansas -- ardi'!Ileadenhlp •• we all know the vet or at 123 Dot Street. Boise Police Dept. 342-2617. fine backfield, however, how many 9. LSU vs Mississippi of the starting linemen can ,you name (Including tlght·end and split end)-)--- _ 10. Montana vs Montana State .

II. Iowa State vs Oklahoma

PLEASE RETURN TO THE SUB 12. USC ,vs California DIRECTOR'S Office NAME~-- _ IJ. SMU vs' Texas ADDRESSs-- _ PHONE NUMBER:- _ 14. UCLA VI Washington WINNERS: Dorm DeIGny TIe Breaker: BSU-- vs Student at urgc Weber State-- (Predict ~re) a.. c.1 Faculty WWEIIIoU PROS: PRIZES: IS, ~tlanta v. Miami Free pooJ or

:: \ ~'\'l -- '='C"'=··"·Th~'StudenIltrA~lOQ;·r.:-=Thm~~'JOwte,ur:ba:sbtg~;lrl~~;="The~~ flightS ~furSSA" -c:F;~;d;-~;:h~~ant ~~;;~drid~-w-~itransportAdOl1tostU:-~-- mous for the half·price ski 11fttkk- fares avallableon regularly scheel· members and their familicsonly: Jheir spribg breaksoakiog up the dents who need it...... ets ils 44.000 me~bcn receive at uled ffights bm most cities to This seaSon{s schedule of .' sun and powder in the Rocky' . For rcservations(51O-aeposine~ . ISO major ski areas nationwide. re- Deaver C)nJanuary 6 with connect- Eastern carnivals includes: Mountains. the Student Ski Associ· qulred) or further information. con- cently announced the 1974115wint- ina bus transportation to Aspen. Glen Ellen. Vermont ation has put together a three area tact: er schedule of low eOst Hi trips. The Student Ski- Association also December20-22 ••.S39 ' package at Copper Mountain/Key· SSACarnival Desk SSACarnlvals will be held at ma~ offers charter ffights from New Mount Sno~. Verniont stone/Breckenridge. Colorado. 233 N. Pleasant Street Amherst. MarYland jor ski resortain the East. Midwest York City and ~~ to Den~er January 5-10 and 26-31 (1975) . March 9.14 and 16-21... 599. Phone (413) 253-3206 and Rocky MOIUltains. Lasdng for 5164 round trip With connecting Mount Washington Valley, N.H. All college students 'and other 0,2438 N. CJarIt Street from Iwo to seven days ~. th.e clwter bus from Denver to Aspen adul ... . 'ted Co ts Chicago.lUinois cllmivals Include all Hi Uft tickets. for 525 round trip The clwter' Ja::;;/i~~~~'s~ y~:fn ds ~ m~SA ~ me 60614 first class Iodgina and." at most price is arOund 5uICibelow the reg- Wl ~ d ired .s~t LI_~ d diD March 15-21.22·28 and p yi roo...... ". u es • ~...' Pbnne(312)a71·1070 · b ...... ·.c ncr every ulu economy air fare. u--h29 April 4 S89 cl b I SSA will day. There is also a full schedule of . anan; -... u s are we come. oro- al1ivities IUeb as dances to rock bands. serious and fun Hi races. wine and cheese parties. discounts on ski lessons and rental equipment, swimming and sauna parties and much more. At lISt JanuarY's SSA "Great Es- (ape" weeklong carnival in Aspen. Colorado. over 700 college students from every state in the country st- tended. Most SSA carnivals a"rad scverat hundred college Iludentl . ._ 4I1dother young people. This season'l Aspen trip is from January 4 to II and January 6 ~.13. Cost ror lifts al four ski areas in As· pen. lodging at the Holiday Inn or equivalent and admission 10 all ac· li~'itiesis only 5109 plus IS percent ~e tax and services (5125.35 complete). In ok

~e I.tral.ul Illiel, eitlS ., Ie a .,calill lSI s,.rls The BSU .Jnuamural omee. directed by Ron Vaughn wishes to announce the sian up deadlines for up'-oming intramural sports. The spol1' stal1ing and the Important dates are as follows: Three man basketball (double plE-SEASON SKDNG VAWES elimination toumament)-All entries due November 6. Play will start ROSSIGNOL "TlAC M" SID UZZAID "WIZZAIlD" SID November t I. b.-lit ...... tIIort-wide DeW wide .. Women's volleyball·AlI entries ... .. 150 to 185 aD. whb nda& . due November II and play starts lEG. 125.00' 8900 50 to 185 aD~ 12000 November 14. Three min buketball (double elimination (oumament)·A11 entries fISHER llCENTU1r' SKI ROSSIGNOL "VIVA on SKI due October 30. Play starts , .. tude, ,., ...... 1tIIort- ~ wide r- care ... November 4. w...... 155 to 115 aD_ . .wltbe"'Y ..... Women's volleyball· All entries lEG.IOO.OO 69°°' . .f6000 due November 6. PI.y startl ! November II. Five man bUtetball.AlI entries LANGE "DEVIL" SKI READ "YABoo" SKI due November II. PI.y starts' Stqier. pelf....,. frteI1rlo, HoC • ...... wIda ... wet wnp, November 14. ...."... CGIISCnICdoD. . All entries must be In' by the 0 above d.les. Tum in your rosters ~. 110° at Ihe Intramural Office. Room 101 130°° in Ihe gym...... ~ ~~~•...... •...... •.•.. ,~ . BOWLING LEAGUES r·····:r·OTAL SKiSERVJCEI -~~.:':':;::X"<', 5_ Igh game •••••• Bob Harvey- : COMPLETESKI SElVI~ 't '. : Igh lCries •••••• Bob Harvey : Tl.~tltPACKAGB: HIGH AVERAGES I. Ron Amdt •••••••••••••••• 1 : _ . "~"~I":. :r • Bob Harvey 181 . t,~\"~,I",,,'\,. _.'\. ~ · Charlie Picken .•••••••••..• 181 : MArte Bennett ••••••••.•••• 1 "~I'" ,.. •John Irwin ••.•••••• ' 17 ell'"~~ ",. "."" c\\' ., "~,'I' 6. ernie Bradbum •••••••••.•• 17 •" , t\" t· "", . 7. GregCarlIOD ~ 17 8. Doug Slrucek 1 .,'I~""'.\,,\",~-' .. ",_ 9. Stu WUCOll •••••••••••• '.' •• 1·71 . . ". 10.Mlke HofferfJer 1, \,.'..... """, Women . HlahlCries •• Shawaa PertbaI-5 · '" " . .•..'t"\'" . High ,ame ••• Sha~ PettW- . HIGH AVERAGES • ",.' • i 1•.Sha.waaPertlu ••••••••• ~••161 2.Chill U~uc* ;t' ..•"....~l$ ".SaUD" :•.•• ~••1.. 5. Terr:l~' .,' ,.". ~.'.~',:.".•_~,II'. 3. ~ 1Obb_"~-~'.~- ~.~.':~'~••'.~'~) 6.'NUC, ~~'.·•.•'...... :1 \


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