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Chapter 261: 140: Clearing the Field, Resolving the Battle!

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“Don’t let it take advantage of the situation, deal with it quickly and then assist in the battle against the Thunder.” Chu Zhengfan didn’t care about this at all, thinking that MO Ye had been hit by the heavenly tendrils into the deep vine marks, and immediately focused his attention on Ye Qingzi’s Ice and Fire Fairy.

Crushing Claw!

The Thunder Sword Wing Lion’s wings closed, and its huge body suddenly plunged downward, with the crushing claws hitting hard!!

Giant cracks rapidly appeared on the ground, and as the Thunder Sword Wing Lion’s body fell heavily, the extremely solid ground suddenly exploded, rolling up a muffled thunder and sending countless dust flying!

The Level 7 power of the Crushing Claw was not easy to withstand, and the Ice and Fire Fairy’s body instantly sank into the crushed ground, with some fine cracks appearing on its merged body of ice and fire!

“Your defense is quite high, let’s see how you taste the next strike!” Chu Zhengfan grinned and ordered the Thunder Sword Wing Lion to cast its follow-up skills!

Its sword-like wings suddenly spread out, and all the sword feathers turned into beams of light, like a torrential rain, wildly stabbing at the Ice and Fire Fairy!

Facing the fierce offensive of the Thunder Sword Wing Lion, Ye Qingzi still maintained her calm and composed demeanor. Chu Zhengfan thought he would force Ye Qingzi to use a soul skill to withstand this attack, but he didn’t expect this beauty to be so patient.


Dense purple feathers hit the Ice and Fire Fairy’s body, leaving many small holes on it.

Seeing this elemental soul pet injured, many people sweated for Ye Qingzi, wondering how this calm beauty would break free from Chu Zhengfan’s attack.

“Ice and Fire Annihilation Map!” Suddenly, Ye Qingzi coldly gave the order.


In an instant, a strange phenomenon appeared! The Ice and Fire Fairy, which was originally under continuous attack, had an abrupt increase in Xuan Crystal and Demon Fire auras! The two different energies rushed up from under the Fairy’s ice and fire body, violently colliding!

Ice and Fire Annihilation Map! Level 7 Ice and Fire skills, no one would have predicted that the passive Ice and Fire Fairy would suddenly complete a Level 7 Ice and Fire skill spell!!

As the Ice and Fire Fairy let out a long chant, the Xuan Crystal aura and Demon Fire aura suddenly burst from its body!

The bone-chilling Xuan Crystal covered the head of the Thunder Sword Wing Lion, and the cold ice sword penetrated its marrow. The strange Xuan Crystal froze the lion’s bones, causing the mad beast to continuously let out painful howls!

The change in the situation horrified Chu Zhengfan, who was controlling the Thunder Sword Wing Lion. He quickly gathered his Level 6 Soul Armor while hurriedly reciting the Ice Crystal Armor spell to protect himself and the Thunder Sword Wing Lion.

The unexpected turn of events left Chu Yue dumbfounded, his eyes full of disbelief as he stared at the Ice and Fire Annihilation Map whose power had reached Level 8. It wasn’t until Chu Zhengfan called for help that Chu Yue suddenly realized, immediately ordering the Purple Senluo to forcibly pass through the terrifying Ice and Fire Annihilation Map and pull Chu Zhengfan out!

The Ice and Fire Annihilation Map had a locking ability. Purple Senluo could save Chu Zhengfan, but it was impossible to take away the Thunder Sword

Wing Lion. Without Chu Zhengfan’s Level 6 Soul Armor and Ice Crystal Battle Armor, the Thunder Sword Wing Lion couldn’t withstand the Level 8 attack power of the Ice and Fire Annihilation Map. Its purple fur was burned to a crisp, and its bones were completely frozen!

The Ice and Fire Annihilation Map didn’t last long, but in this short time, the Thunder Sword Wing Lion had completely lost its fighting spirit, lying miserably on the ground. Everyone present was so shocked that they couldn’t speak, staring in disbelief at the incredibly composed ice beauty, Ye Qingzi!

“Good… good… that’s an amazing Ice and Fire Fairy!” Chu Qian opened her mouth even wider. A few days ago, when Chu Qian was jealous of Ye Qingzi’s beauty, she had quietly cursed Ye Qingzi as a vase, never expecting that this woman’s Soul Pet’s fighting power would be so terrifying!

“Completely stupid, he didn’t even notice that her Ice and Fire Fairy used elemental will, and he was still attacking foolishly. Does he really think that his broken lion can one-shot a Level 7 elemental commander?!” Seeing Chu Zhengfan’s soul pet being the first to lose, Chu Yang was so angry that his beard curled up!

“Brother Chu Yang, don’t get too upset. Underestimating your opponents can be fatal. And don’t forget about the Heavenly Tendril Demon.” Elder Tu said with a chuckle.

Upon being reminded by the elder, Chu Yang’s face darkened again!

If it weren’t for Elder Tu sitting here, he would have been suffocating with anger and using his soul sense to remind Chu Zhengfan to pay attention to his Heavenly Tendril Demon.

Chu Yang was annoyed, and the almost injured Chu Zhengfan’s face turned even paler. He immediately ordered his Heavenly Tendril Demon to continue attacking the injured Ice and Fire Fairy.

The Heavenly Tendrils were unstoppable, drilling rapidly from underground! !

Seeing this fool actually ordering the Heavenly Tendril Demon to attack, Chu Yang almost fainted from anger.

When everyone hadn’t recovered from the shock of the Ice and Fire Annihilation Map, a scene that dumbfounded everyone appeared!

Four heavenly tendrils appeared in total. After drilling out from the ground, they did not attack the Ice and Fire Fairy, but instead, like four sharp poisonous snakes, they shot up into the sky and fiercely struck towards the Purple Senluo!!

*Smack!!! Smack!! Smack!!! Smack!!!*

Not one of the four Heavenly Tendrils missed their target, hitting the flying Purple Senluo and Chu Zhengfan, knocking them straight from a height of thirty meters to the ground, creating an enormous pit in the process!

Chu Zhengfan’s Level Six Soul Armor and Ice Crystal Battle Armor was still in effect, so the Heavenly Tendrils only left a few scratches on his body.

However, Purple Senluo’s defense was barely at the seventh level. Under the completely unguarded situation and consecutive blows with blood-hook effect, even if Purple Senluo could get up, its vitality would be extremely weak!

“You… What are you doing?!” Seeing his own Soul Pet being beaten so miserably, Chu Yue’s face instantly turned red with anger as he roared at Chu Zhengfan!

“My Heavenly Tendril Demon is out of my control!” Chu Zhengfan realized that the mind of his Heavenly Tendril Demon was extremely disordered as he got LIP!

A bizarre incident happened on the battlefield, and no one could figure out what was going on. How could Chu Zhengfan, a top young expert, make such a low-level mistake?!

“Let’s clean up!” Chu Mu glanced at Ye Qingzi.

Obviously, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi knew how to seize the opportunity. As soon as the abnormal situation occurred, a series of commands were issued to their Soul Pets.

Ice-Feathered Spirit’s incantation was recited, and a forty-sword Ice Sword Array bombarded the Firewing Bird which was entangled with the Purple Robe Dream Beast in the sky!

“Water Whiskers

Water Moon’s whiskers quickly sprouted from the ground, like countless chains and ropes, swiftly binding the fallen Purple Senluo!

Water whiskers had excellent tenacity, and even powerful Soul Pets would find it difficult to break free from their binding effect. It was extremely effective against power-type Soul Pets.

The Firewing Bird was afraid of ice skills. Under the chaotic bombardment of the forty Ice Swords, it was immediately blasted from the sky to the ground, landing right beside Purple Senluo, which was bound by countless whiskers…

Seeing that the Firewing Bird fell beside Purple Senluo, Ye Qingzi immediately realized that the flames of the Firewing Bird would burn all of Water Moon’s whiskers…

“Rapid Freeze!”

However, just as Ye Qingzi was about to have the Ice and Fire Fairy cast freezing effect on the whiskers, Chu Mu’s Ice-Feathered Spirit completed the rapid freeze almost without reciting the incantation after it cast the powerful Ice Sword Array. It quickly covered Water Moon’s whiskers with Xuan Crystal Ice Crystals, immediately dispelling the idea of the Firewing Bird to rescue Purple Senluo!

Ye Qingzi’s beautiful face showed a slight smile amidst her chilly demeanor, obviously appreciating Chu Mu’s tacit understanding…

“Zhan Ye, Rebirth!”

Zhan Ye’s most frequent state was covered in wounds. This time, entangled with the Seventh Rank Third Stage Bright Horned Beast, there was not a single piece of Ink Armor left intact on its body.

“Roar!! !! ! ”

Looking like it was on its last breaths, Zhan Ye suddenly roared in anger, instantly healing its cracked and torn wounds with green secretions. In the short time that the Bright Horned Beast was preparing its skill, its severely injured body miraculously healed!

Light Horn Slash – a dazzling golden light turned into a massive light horn, sweeping across the spot where Zhan Ye stood, causing a violent explosion!!

Zhan Ye had just completed its rebirth, recovering its full strength when it suddenly accelerated beyond everyone’s expectations and dashed out from the range of the Light Horn Slash attack!

Zhan Ye’s claw blades couldn’t tear through the thick armor of the Bright Horned Beast, which made Chu Yue completely ignore Zhan Ye’s existence. However, Zhan Ye had a deadly weapon that could bypass the defense!

Ink Armor Thorn!

With the ability to rebirth, Zhan Ye had no fear of the Bright Horned Beast’s attacks. As its dark body sprinted, the tiger-like form coiled up like an insect, allowing the Ink Armor Thorn on its back to fiercely stab into the body of the Bright Horned Beast!

Dark Erosion!

The dark attribute Dark Erosion quickly spread from the wound of the Bright Horned Beast, rapidly corroding a large part of its body!

“Wuu wuu wuu-

Zhan Ye’s attacks were ineffective against the Bright Horned Beast, but MO Ye’s terrifying claw blades were deadly to the Bright Horned Beast!

With a flash of silver, MO Ye’s claws tore open a stunning bloody wound on the Bright Horned Beast’s body, even extending to uncorroded areas, causing a spray of crimson!

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Read Supreme Tamer - Chapter 261: 140: Clearing the Field, Resolving the Battle! - NovelBuddy (2024)
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